Tuesday, October 5, 2010

President Jammeh declares he will treat more diseases

As He celebrates third anniversary of his herbal treatment programme

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh has announced that the world of herbal medicine his ability to treat several new diseases, during the third anniversary of his herbal Treatment Programme in his village, Kanilai.
Speaking at the end of the 3rd anniversary of the Presidential Treatment Programme (PTP), President Jammeh announced that he can treat and cure patients with Stroke, Sickle cell, diabetes, and arthritis, saying that he has been treating patients with these diseases and that such treatment have been successful.
He disclosed that he has an effective medicine for stroke, not only to prevent it but also to treat and cure it. He explained that it is possible to prevent a person from having stroke in a situation when he or she is likely to have it.
He further assured anyone who already has a stroke and is paralysed; “we can get you back on your feet within seven days.”
Jammeh, who stunned the world three years ago when he announced that he can cure HIV/AIDS said argued that his treatments are carried out on a trial before he announce it publicly.
According to our correspondent, Jammeh’s claim that he can cure AIDS was debunked by the larger community of the World and resulted to the sending out of the country the UN Representative at the time.
The president added that this particular treatment has been proven seven times.
“We can effectively cure arthritis” the president revealed, noting that his treatment for this ailment has no age limit. “No matter how old you are we can treat your arthritis,” he declared.
He stated that treatment for this ailment has nothing to do with age as in the case of conventional medicine, because they have been treating patients with this ailment.
The president disclosed with delight that sickle cell, a deadly disease that also disturbs people, is no longer a myth that cannot be busted. He disclosed that so far they have successfully treated eight people diagnosed with sickle cell.
Those who are said to have been treated by the president were paraded at the ground where the celebration was held; among them were beneficiaries of the infertility treatment, who showcased their babies as they marched along with others. VOL:2 ISSN 42

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