Tuesday, October 5, 2010

APRC National Mobiliser Harps on Opposition

Disappointed With Party Supporters in KMC, Addresses Low Turnout in Banjul
 Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The National Mobiliser of the ruling party, Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction, Yankuba Colley has said that there is known credible opposition in this country. “The opposition we have in this country has no consistent political party or
political affiliation over the past year.”

Mr. Colley made this pronouncement recently at the Kanifing Municipal Council ground during a meeting with the people of his council, as part of his recently concluded country wide familiarization tour.

According to him, that the only opposition that they were having in this country was the National Alliance for Democracy and Development (NADD), now that NADD has collapse, Halifa Sallah remain the only man in the party.

The new National Mobiliser noted that NADD was formed by difference political parties in which they agree to come together and contest against the APRC in order to have victory over the ruling party during the last
presidential election in 2006.

He said all the opposition agreed to that proposal, set a date to have their first meeting at the Palm Grove Hotel in Banjul, in which many people attended but unfortunately, they were left sitting there until late
and they did not see any opposition to explain to them the reason why they did
not show up.

He argued that such a behavior has made almost everyone who went to that meeting to pull out from the opposition and joined the APRC. This, he said has showed that the opposition we have in this country holds no water
and their party has no credibility.

For him, Halifa Sallah is the only member of NADD, and he cannot even win his constituency, therefore he can never win the presidential election. He went on to say that all those who were strong opposition militants
in this country are now members of the APRC because, as he puts it, ‘they
believe that the APRC is a credible party, a party of unity, peace and

He said this has prompted this opposition quietly join the APRC party, not to sit and wait to be call upon to join the party, citing that “there is no party in this country better than the APRC”.

He also argued that opposition will never win in the KMC, as APRC will always have victory in KMC, while assuring them that come 2011 Presidential Election, the APRC will win 100 percent of the total vote in the

However, the APRC National Mobiliser also expresses his disappointment over the APRC supporters in KMC for not being patient to wait till the end of the rally; instead they decided to leave the ground while the
meeting was in progress, but promises to solve this within his council.

In Banjul the Colley calls for unity among Banjulians, while urging them to come together and be one family. He also urged the City supporters to call on those that are leaving the APRC for one little
reason or another.

Addressing a low turn out in Banjul on Friday evening at Independent Drive in Banjul North, Colley said that in APRC no body is a boss, and if they want to change the politic in this country, they should not look at the issue of
boss. “We are all equal in politic,” he said.

He advised the people of Banjul to stop fighting one another or fighting somebody for a position which is already given to him or her by the Almighty God, don’t fight for a post that doesn’t belong to you, Colley tell
the city supporters.

He also challenge the Lord Mayor of Banjul, Samba Faal to call for an emergency meeting in which all the people in Banjul will attend in order to discuss what he called ‘burning issues’ within themselves, move forward and with the
APRC Party higher. VOL:2 ISSN:53

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