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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BAJ director attends France biodiversity confab

Journalist and blogger Mamadou Edrisa Njie, who arrived at Aeroport Marseille Provence October 28, told TNBES the experience will help him interact and expand contact with scientists and as well leave the conference “empowered and well-connected”. Photo Credit: Facebook/Niani Ebrisanjie Kanda

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Deadlier Than Ebola

Survey finds HIV/AIDS, diarrhoe and malaria kill more Africans than the Ebola virus

Latest World Bank (WB) figures show almost 1.2 million Africans died as a result of HIV/AIDS in 2012, according to a new survey. A team from Médecins Sans Frontières arrived in Guinea at the beginning of the Ebola outbreak (Photo: Kjell Gunnar Beraas/MSF)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

GGA: Easier to start a business in Africa

World Bank’s '2014 Ease of Doing Business Index' ranked Mauritius 20, Rwanda 32, South Africa 41, Tunisia 51 and Botswana 56 – as the top five countries in Africa where it is easiest to do business. (Photo Credit:MSJoof/TNBES

Monday, September 15, 2014

Belgium-based Gambian singer to tour West African country in charity

Heart Wash will arrive in Banjul on Monday September 15 (Photo Credit:  Thomas De Beule/Facebook)
A Gambian musician who is based in Belgium is to hold a musical tour of the country of which proceeds will be put into charity, event organisers Little Zion, announced.
The singer, who goes by the name Heart Wash, will arrive in Banjul on Monday September 15. He will use the tour to promote his third album ‘Tesitoo’ (Ready to Work), says Little Zion event manager Thomas De Beule.

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