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GCCI Vows to Promote Business Excellence

Posted by Modou S. Joof on March 12, 2010 at 10:10pm
Host Business Awards 2009

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) In an exclusive interview with The Voice Newspaper Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), noted that the main objectives of the Gala Dinner and Business Award 2010, is to promote business excellence in the country and show appreciation to the private business sector.

Ms Beatrice Allen was speaking to our reporter on the importance of GCCI’s Gala Dinner and Business Award 2010 at her office along Kairaba Avenue prior to the event.

“The award is in appreciation and recognition of the most outstanding businesses of the year locally and internationally as well as businesses that has contributed a lot to the socio-economic growth of this country and those that has been and continue to render quality services to the people,” she said.

According to her, the event also form a part of boosting the economy of The Gambia and to create a platform of competitiveness in the private business sector as well as creating an
enabling environment for businesses to excel.

“It will also make business people to work harder in order to gain local and internationally recognition in the event of wining such an award thereby giving businesses much credibility in
dealing with their international business partners,” she said.

She also explained that the award also shows businesses that are in good shape and the service rendered are of quality and efficiency. Madam Allen also noted that the private sector’s
role very crucial and for this main reason, the dinner and award is organised to
honour business people and institutions.

However, she pointed out that the proceeds to be gained from the dinner and award ceremony will be put into GCCI Resource Center which has been acquired recently from the Government of
The Gambia. “This money will be used to the modernize the resource center,
provide an incubator for business people and a skill center for upgrading
youths who might have wanted to open their own but lacks the capacity and
strength,” she said.

On the day of the event, Banjul Breweries Limited was named the Manufacturer of the Year 2009, Unique Solutions as SME of the Year 2009, Gambia Ports Authority as Public Enterprise of the Year 2009, Kanilai Family
Farms as the Agriculturalist of the Year 2009.

Africell received the Telecommunication Company of the Year 2009 Award, Trust Bank as Bank of the Year 2009, Saul Frazer as Entrepreneur of the Year 2009, Ndey Awa Khan-Ceesay as Businesswoman
of the Year 2009, and Muhammed Jah as Businessman of the Year 2009.

Fatou Sinyan Mbergan, the financial controller at Banjul Breweries received the GCCI President's Award, being the first of its kind.

President Yahya Jammeh called for unity among private sector operators, while emphasizing that there exists no rivalry between the government and the private sector.

President Jammeh was speaking in his capacity as Chief Patron of The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) Annual Dinner and Awards Night held at the
Senegambia Beach Hotel on Friday 5th March 2010.

"We are not rivals, but partners in development, we may have differences, but coming together is paramount for the socio-economic development of the
country," president Jammeh noted.

President Jammeh added that on any journey be it of any type there is bound to be turbulence, but the common destination would be to achieve good results.

"My government will create the enabling environment, and you make best use of it. You have to come together, because we will only work with an umbrella body and
not individual entities. Work with a body that will represent all of you,"
he told the private sector.

He also assured The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry of his government's full support at all times, while advising the private sector operators to come together for the
development of the sector.

"You have heard companies around the world coming together because of the global economic crisis. But for Gambia, you only come together because of such
gatherings; you have to come together, form alliances so that you can have
success. You need to work together to be able to process and export. You have
the golden opportunity, so make best use of it," he reiterated.

According to him, business cannot continue to be done as usual. We have to manufacture and be able to export. Success is measured by being able to overcome

On his part, Bai Matarr Drammeh, President of The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry told the gathering that they have a very close working relationship
with the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Finance and the New Ministry of
Planning and Economic Affairs.

“The establishment of the Ministry of Economy, National Planning and Industry, apart from the Ministry of Trade, is a demonstration of the Government’s new strategy
to address the country's economic development, and the emerging needs of the
private sector,” he said.

He acknowledged that there is a change in world business due to the current world economics crisis. This change, he said, is being shaped by the tides of prevailing
market conditions in the world and will affect every business, especially
businesses in smaller economies.

However, he noted that the emerging giants of Asia and South America have positioned themselves and are promoting South-South cooperation in business, and if
Gambian businesses are to survive we will have to embrace diversity and
tolerate foreign investment.

He also pointed out the need to cement ties with research institutions and other professional bodies for product development and quality control. These
institutions "have a vital role to play in the enhancement of our business
products especially when we have to venture into the exporting of our

"More importantly, there is a need to forge links within the private sector, and amongst business operators. There is a lot of misconception on the role of the
private sector, and the role of the GCCI," he added.

The event, as highlighted earlier, aims to promote and nurture business excellence and motivate business entities to do more for the economic growth and social
development of the country for which 11 personalities and businesses were
awarded for their contribution to the country’s development.
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