Tuesday, October 5, 2010


As UDP Campaign Manager Trial Continues
Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) Police Superintendent Ken Mendy, Officer Commanding Registrar at the Police Headquarters, Banjul on Tuesday testified in the ongoing trial of UDP Campaign Manager Femi Peters, at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court before Principal Magistrate Joseph Ikpala.

In his testimony, Superintendent Mendy told the Court that he recognised the accused. He said his responsibility is to control all incoming and outgoing correspondents and added that he remember 12th October, 2009.

Superintendent Mendy told the Court that on 12th October, 2009, Mr. Femi Peters brought an application for a permit, for the issue of public address system (PAS) which he received from Fermi and forwarded to the IGP for further directive.

He added that the directive he received from the IGP was not approved and adding that he received it on 13th October, 2009. He said that the application was addressed to the IGP.

At this point, the said application was tender by the prosecution as an exhibit without any objection from the defence counsel and was mark as exhibit A by the court.

According to superintendent ken Mendy the accused came to the office on Friday 23rd October, 2009 within the hours of 11am to 12pm to make a follow up about the application send to the IGP.

He added that upon the arrival of the accused he (Superintended Mendy) ask him to wait for him to check and see the directive made by the IGP and later communicated to him that the application was not approved.

He told the court the Court that the accused told him that the IGP should be diplomatic and said he (the accused) knows what to do and then left. Mendy also inform the Court that if an application is approved, they write to the applicant but if the application is not approved, they communicate to the applicant verbally.

Under cross-examination by the defence counsel Ousainou Darboe, when asked how many years he has worked as a registrar, Superintended Mendy said that has been working as a registrar for ten (10) years.

Darboe also asked Mendy whether they told the accused the reason why his application was rejected, He (Mendy) admitted that they did not tell the applicant the reason why they are rejected.

Asked whether he knows anything about the rally that was organised the Governor of Western Region from Kalagi to Lamen, He answered in the negative.

Darboe also asked Mendy why is it that they no longer write to applicants when their applications are rejected. Superintendent Mendy explained that they have a new system in place, in which, if an application is approved, they wrote to you and if not approved, they communicate to you verbally.

At this point, the letter that was received by the UDP from the IGP for not approving their application dated 8th June 2000 was tender as an exhibit without any objection from the Prosecutor, Inceptor Fadera.

The Defence Counsel, Ousainou Darboe put it to Superintendent that APRC never applied and got rejected, but the prosecution witness, Superintendent Mendy denied it.

However, Darboe challenged him to produce an application made by APRC and to show where APRC has been rejected during the next adjourned date.

The case has been adjourned till 21st January, 2010 for the continuation of the cross-examination. VOL:2 ISSN:41

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