Sunday, October 10, 2010

Foni Bintang Farmers Decry Lack of Groundnut Sales

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) Farmers in Foni Bintang Karanai village are complaining of the lack of sales of their groundnut in this year’s trade season.

According them, this year’s raining season was good but their groundnuts have not been sold as they found it difficult to sell their products, especially groundnut.

Speaking to our reporter, Faseedy Bojang, a farmer noted that they are facing so many challenges with regards to marketing of their groundnut. He explained that the Secco (buying point) in their area has been
relocated to Sibanor, a place far from them.

He argued that Karanai produce more groundnut than Sibanor, but could not tell why the Secco was relocated.

“Another problem we are facing is lack of farming equipments, which he said is hindering their agricultural production, which is a livelihood for the people of Karanai,” he said.

He stressed that without good farming equipments they cannot produce enough food for feeding and a little for sale.

Sanousey Camara, also a farmer said that their groundnut is still with them because the transfer of the Secco gave them every big problem, as they are far from Sibanor and even if they take their groundnuts to Sibanor
they are not paid on the same they.

“Some people took their groundnut for sale at the Secco in Sibanor but it took them more than two months to receive their money,” he revealed.

“We are also facing other problem, among them is lack of fertilizer, tractors, and a nearby market, where we can sell our groundnuts,” Camara said. He called on the Government
of The Gambia to help address their plight.

He also stressed that agriculture cannot be improved when farmers cannot afford to buy fertilizer, and are not provided with a good marketing system.

For the women, he said that they too are not free from challenges, especially the marketing of their horticultural produce.

They appealed to the government to help address their plight in the form of agricultural incentives.VOL:2 ISSN:86

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