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“Flying Lion Was Part of the Golden Generation That Shaped Gambian Rap Music”

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) Musa Njie, whose musical name was 'Flying Lion' depart this life (died) on Monday 25th January, 2010. The death of the singer has been regarded as a great loss not only to Gambia Music Industry but the country at large. He was laid to rest on the same day.
News of his demise spread like wild fire across the country, a manifestation of which was the hundreds of people (relatives, friends, fans and well wishers) who stormed his residence in Latrikunda German. Prior to his demise, Njie was working with Paradise FM, where he was regarded as one of the strong pillars of the Radio. 
In a brief interview monitored over West Coast Radio 2 on Tuesday, his father described Musa Njie as a good Muslim and a man of the people. He said that Njie died on a very good day (Monday). "We are
praying that we also depart this life on a better day," he said.
Ebou Panchang (Kemanji Crew), who is a close friend of the late Musa Njie, prayed for his soul to rest in peace. "It is not only a lost to us, but to the whole country," he said of the demise of his music compatriot.

Musical Career
Flying Lion' as he was know in and out of his musical career was part of a generation of Gambian musicians that grew the seeds of Gambian rap music in the late 90s. He was a key vocalist in the rap group called "Pencha B". Their Music was a blend of R&B, rap, reggae and mbalax, which produces a mixture
of modern and traditional sounds. 

Flying Lion's 'deep voice' along that golden voice of Amie Cherie, Machu B and Co. produces a perfect blend of rhythmical sound that kept almost every Gambian Music Fan shaking their feet to the songs they play. He and Pencha B were awarded a three-album contract at Yellowgate Studios where they already recorded and released the first in line, according to 

 The musical site also has it that after the release of their first album the Crew embarked on a country-wide tour of The Gambia. "They were also featured on the 'Kairo: Songs of The Gambia', compilation which
gives an overview of the music in the country.
The group, which featured ex-radio comic Amie Cherie and three local rappers and a Senegalese singer first released promo singles, `Bai Ma-Lamin Darra' and `Joyleh-lenn' - Tribute to the late Ousu 'Lion' Njie. Their act features a fusion of R&B, rap-ragga and mbalax, blended with some

However, this generation of musical groups has almost all ceased to exist and most of those artists have now gone solo. Notable among these groups that belong to that golden generation of Gambian Rap and Raggae Music were, Black Nature, Da Fugitives, Pencha B, Born Africans, Saf Sap Crew, the Royal Family, Bakau Faro Kono, Promise Land Crew, the list goes on... VOL:2 ISSN:65

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