Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bakau Resident Fined D2, 000 for Stealing an Ashtray...

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) A resident of Bakau has been sentenced Senior Magistrate Abdoulie Mbacke to a fine of D2, 000 in default to serve three months imprisonment.
by the of Kanifing magistrate court.
Lamin Trawally, who was sentenced by the Kanifing Court on Wednesday 20th January, 2010 was charge for stealing from a mottor vehicle Contrary to Section 252 of the Criminal Code Cap 10 Volume III Laws of The Gambia.
The particular of the offence stated that Lamin Trawally on 26th December, 2009 at Bakau Independent Stadium stole from a vehicle registration number 3384 B; a tape, an ashtray and a side mirror being the property of one Musa Sarr. He pleaded guilty to the charge.
Earlier-on, in his plea of mitigation, the accused Lamin Trawally begged the court to forgive him, arguing that it was a mistake on his side. He added that his parents relies upon him.
However, Magistrate Mbacke noted that the court had carefully listened to the plea of the accused, but he is of the opinion that he (Trawalley) deserved some punishment to serve as a deterrent to others. He added that stealing from a mottor vehicle is on the increased, and Bakau police station has receive lot of cases about it.
According to him, Bakau Police has made it their duty to put a stop to it by apprehending culprits and letting the due process of the law to take it course. Magistrate Mbacke also pointed out that people who go to the Independent Stadium are never at ease, because their vehicles are likely to be tempered with by those he called, 'criminals'.
Nonetheless, he advised the accused to turn a new leave in his live and look forward to doing better things than stealing.VOL:2 ISSN:45

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