Thursday, October 7, 2010


The West Africa Journalists Association (WAJA) through its Capacity Building Project Monday August 30th launched the WAJA Excellence Awards 2010 on the theme “Investigative Journalism and Ethics” to promote ethical journalism, quality research, investigations; and to recognize and promote talent in journalism in the WAJA/ECOWAS Space
The 3rd Edition of the Competition is open to practicing journalists in the 15 ECOWAS Member states and Mauritania in the fields of Print, Radio and Television. In addition to a monetary prize, the winners will take part in at least one training session on Investigative Journalism and Ethics.

To take part, the following conditions should be met. Candidates must:
• Be a practicing journalist
• Be resident in one of the 16 WAJA member countries
• Work regularly for a press agency or media institution
Works presented must be:
• Broadcast on a television or radio station or published in a newspaper, magazine or wire of a news agency between May 30, 2009 and May 30, 2010.
• In French, English or Portuguese.
1. For the Print Press: A copy of the article as published accompanied by the name of the newspaper or magazine. The date of publication must be visible. A CV of the candidate should also be presented.
2. For the Audio-Visual Media: A copy of the production as it was broadcast by a radio or a television station on VHS cassette, VCD or DVD (Television), or on magnetic band, audio cassette high fidelity, MP3 (Radio). A CV of the candidate should also be presented.
Submission Deadline
Works must be submitted latest October 30, 2010 through National Associations/Unions which are members of WAJA and/or to the WAJA-CBP, B.P.1300 Hamdallaye ACI 2000, Rue 413, Porte 109, Bamako, Mali.
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