Friday, October 15, 2010

Training on International Laws for Armed Forces Winds up

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) March 5th 2010, marks the end of a two weeks training for (20) Armed Forces on the incorporation of International Humanitarian Laws (IHL), supported by the International Committee of Red Cross through The Gambia Red Cross as a guidance tool into their peacekeeping efforts at all times. The training was held at the Joint Officers Mess in Kotu
In his statement at the end of the training, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Mr. Harry Sambou reminder the Armed Forces that the training was to integrate the International Humanitarian Laws into a training exercise adding that the exercise they can in turn put it into practical and told them to share the knowledge gained with their colleagues.
He continued, “The knowledge gained will serve as a tool in executing your functions both at home front and particularly during peacekeeping mission outside The Gambia”.
According to PS Sambou, the words of His Excellency President Jammeh cum the Commander in Chief of The Gambia Armed Forces, that “sky is limit”, noting that the Commander in Chief, has provided an enabling environment for them in their ways to success and welfare for both men and women in the Armed Forces.
He told them, to be flag bearer of the country, in doing so, “maintaining discipline, loyalty, honest, and above all patriotism, while calling them to be loyal to the state”.
Sambou further expressed profound gratitude to the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) for what he described their support to The Gambia Armed Forces adding that their relationship for the past was cordial.
In his statement on behalf of the Chief of Defence of Staff, the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Ousman Badgie, informed the services men and women that the knowledge gained during the training is paramount more especially in armed conflicts, as it will guide them and gives them ample time to know what when someone is in conflict zones for peacekeeping missions.
According to Badgie, as members of the Armed Forces, they are subjected to both civil and military laws, noting that they must at all time guard their actions during armed conflicts, he went on to say that the training of the Armed Forces is timely.
“The training came at a very important time and it is most welcoming as it is geared towards capacity building. This will boost our programme line up for 2010 to 2011 training session”.
Badgie challenged them to take up the responsibilities, the opportunities and the knowledge that they obtained from the training and make it into best practices and share the information with the ones that are unfortunate to be part of the training.
The Special Representative of the International Committee of Red Cross, Mr. Wolde, said that the ICCR will continue to support The Gambia Armed Forces towards the complete and full integration of International Humanitarian Laws into the military training and procedures. Vol:2 Issn:130

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