Sunday, October 10, 2010

Teachers Trained on Education and Sustainability

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The National Environment Agency (NEA) in collaboration with a charitable organisation, Teachers In Development Education (TIDE) and Development Education Centre (DEC) of Birmingham, UK recently held a one-day training for teachers on Education for Sustainability at the National
Environment Agency Resource Centre at Jimpex Road Kanifing.

The training aims at developing learning materials on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) for The Gambia school curriculum on Social and Environmental studies; to strengthen partnership between the
National Environment Agency (NEA), Development Education Centre (DEC), and associated teachers and educators.

It also aims to encourage dialogue on the role of education for sustainability; facilitate the exchange of ideas and perspectives on sustainable development of education in The Gambia; and encourage dialogue
about the role of education in nurturing a sustainable future at local,
national, and global levels.

The Director, Inter-sectoral Network at the NEA, Mrs. Ndey Sireng Bakurin described the partnership as a sustainable development model, which promotes a balance between environmental harmony and cultural diversity
through mutual global learning.

“Education and development are mutually reinforcing; leading to supporting sustainable livelihoods for people,” she said.

According to her, education is at the heart of any model of sustainable development, citing that it needs to be meaningful and that the task of educators is to transform the present-day schooling into a meaningful

“Meaningful education is rooted in real life situations, social and cultural experiences should be viewed as a life-long process which involves active engagement and participation of the learners and those around
them,” Mrs. Bakurin said.

Bukarin also noted that Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) has developed nationally and internationally and its impact on learning and education is on the increase in different parts of our world,
however, she said the demands on education have been widened and deepened.

The Coordinator of the United Kingdom team to The Gambia, Bin Billen explained that the project is dealing with sustainable development in The Gambia, adding that the training is meant to reflect on some of the
things they’ve learnt and how to impart such information to the students.

Mr. Billen noted it has been ten years since the project started supporting teachers in The Gambia and Britain to teach them about sustainable development and build the capacity of teachers within the teaching profession.

“We were able to secure support from British and Gambian organisations on mutual professionalism and equality with a purpose, and there were achievements in all schools involve in this project,” he explained. VOL:3 ISSN:95

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