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Biography of the Late Musa Njie Alias ‘Flying Lion’

  • Posted  on March 4, 2010 at 10:21pm

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) Musa Njie, one of Gambia’s sublime R&B and Ragga Ndaga musician has departed from the face of the earth on the 25thJanuary, 2010. Musa, musically known as “Flying Lion”, has familiarized himself and his music to music lovers with the uniqueness of his voice.

“Flying Lion” has been demonstrative in his performance as an artist.

The North Bank Evening Standard spoke to his father, Alhagie Essa Momodou Njie and mother Aji Aminata Njie in a rather emotional atmosphere. “Tears were rolling down on the cheeks of Ya Aji as she explained the short fruitful time she spent with her beloved son.”

School Career

Born on Wednesday the 6th May 1971, Musa Njie attended the Sheriff Kunda Arabic School in Latrikunda and later enrolled at Verbal Nursery School. He proceeded to Serekunda Primary School, where he sat to the Common Entrance Examination and further went to Latrikunda Technical Secondary School (LK). In his school days, Musa was an active volunteer with the Gambia Red Cross Society, where he was also known for his talent in drama.

Music Career

Before the advent of Pencha B, Flying Lion was a very good dancer and dramatist with Pele, a traditional African musician who used to blend his music with theatre stage performance. Just before the end of his secondary education, he started his engagement in rap music in the late 90s. Flying Lion in his musical career was part of a generation of Gambian Musicians that grew the seeds of Gambian rap music in the 90s. Musa was the initiator of “PENCHA B” and the organizer of the group. The group was among the builder’s of music industry in the country and they inspired many Gambian youths of today to venture into music as a self
employment, thanks the late Legend Musa Njie AKA Flying Lion.

The versatile musician, played different types of music’s like R&B, RAP, REGGAE AND MBALAX, which he produce a mixture of modern and traditional sounds. He also play a very vital role in the group (Pencha B),
using his deep voice for rhyming along side the golden voice of Amie Cherie, Machu B and Co, which produce a perfect blend of rhythmical sound that have kept almost every Gambian Music Fan shaking their feet to the songs he and his group plays.

Musa has also produced three albums with his group with Yellowgate Studio where they have recorded and released their first album, after producing their first album, Musa and his crew embarked on a country-wide
tour and a European tour to the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden). He and the crew were also featured on the ‘Kairo songs of the Gambia’, compilation which gives an overview of the Music in the country.

The group has also featured many artists in the country and beyond, the like’s of Amie Cherie and three local rappers and a Senegalese singer in the producing of the first promo singles, ‘Bai ma-Lamin Darra’ and ‘Joyleh-Lenn’ – Tribute to the late Ousu ‘Lion’ Njie. And the act features a fusion of R&B, Rap, Reggae and Mbalax, blended with some folklore.

However, this generation of musical groups has almost all cased to exist and most of those artists have now gone solo. Notable among these groups that belong to that golden generation of Gambian Rap and Reggae
Music were, Black Nature, Da Fugitives, Pencha B, Born Africans, Saf Sap Crew, Rebellion D’Recaller, the Royal Family, Bakau Faro Kono, Promise Land Crew and many others.

His Life Career and Family

According to his parents, Musa Njie alias Flying Lion, is someone who likes his family especially his parents and her mother was her best friend. He was a very hardworking and obedient child and always gives support to the family all the time and responds to their calls when ever he is needed. He also love children and has a lot of friends in the country and beyond, in countries like Senegal, Iraq and other European countries. Musa was also a best friend of the president, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Dr. Alhagie Yahya Jammeh and his cabinet members and Rongo, who is not only a friend but, a brother to him.

According to the mother, Musa has devoted all his life in Music just to develop the country, because the love he have for The Gambia. Musa was also a very pious Muslim and he was always following the Imams to various religious Gamo’s (celebrations of the Prophet Muhammad’s birth) in all corners of the country.

Before his death, Musa was working for Paradise FM and was regarded as one of the strong pillars of the station and also play a key role in the most wonderful comedian show in the station, which is called ‘Kin-Killi Baa’ every morning from Monday to Friday.

End of Life Career

Musa, was born on Wednesday 6th May, 1971 at 2 pm, died on Monday 25th January, 2010 at 2 pm. Musa was born at his residence in Latrikunda German and died there. Before his last breath on earth, his father was sitting beside him, and he (Musa) asked who is you? Isn’t Alhagie Babou Samba? According to his father that was his last words. Immediately after the call for Zuhur prayer, he died peacefully.

According the mother, what she last heard from Musa was ‘I am tired and has to go and rest.’

He will always be remembered by family members, relatives, friends and well wishers who turned out to pay their last respect when he was pronounced death. He will precisely be remembered by the entire country.

May his soul rest in perfect peace…. Amen.VOL:2 ISSN:73


  1. sad,sad,sad news musa gone,but his memory live on...Gambia have lost a big legend or i know him and he is a very friendly brother, nice and open heart ohh may his soul rest in peace...i know we will miss you alot,but is life one day or the other,we will be all coming,just rest in sweet heaven...Gambia love you..

  2. Thanks Jabou for your condolences, may his soul rest in perfect peace

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