Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chief Inspector Testifies in Gidda and Giboro-Kuta Land Dispute

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) One Famara Sanneh, Chief Inspector and Station Officer of Mandinaba Police Station Western Region on Tuesday testified in court on the land dispute case between Gidda and Giboro-Kuta before Magistrate Emmanuel Amadi of Brikama Magistrates’ Court.
In his testimony, the Chief Inspector told the court that it on 31st January 2010, he received a call while at home and was informed that the villagers of Gidda and Giboro-Kuta are in the bush with cutlasses arguing over a particular plot of the land.
According to him, he went to the said plot of land in the bush but before arriving at the scene he call one Inspector Trawally to go there and he ( Chief Inspector Sanneh) will meet him there because, Trawally is closer to the place.
Chief Inspector Sanneh informed the Court that upon his arrival at the scene he found Inspector Trawally talking to some of the men and after a while, he intervened by telling them that some time last week Sunday, before the problem occurred, he went to the two Alkalolu (Village Heads) of both villages and advised them to call their people and warn them to desist from loitering around the area as it may anger the other party.
He explained that he further advised them to go to the Chief or the Governor’s Office to seek for advice, otherwise if anything goes wrong the police will intervene, “that is what I repeated to them on the scene”, he said.
After advising them, he said the IGP arrived at the scene and asked them to write the names of the peoples involved and disarmed them. He said that they were armed with cutlasses and sticks. He disclosed to the Court that they were disarmed and arrested.
Chief Inspector Sanneh also noted that before the 31st January 2010, he received a called from the District Chief that Gidda and Giboro-Kuta residents went with sticks and cutlasses to the said place and ordered him to go and find out, upon his arrival he did not find anybody at the place, adding that before going there he informed Inspector Trawalley of Giboro Police Station who confirmed the story. He further explained that the people of Gibboro-Kuta usually go to the area in question every Sunday for patrol.
After receiving the information, he explained that he went to the two Alkalolu to advise them to warn their people and after he proceeded to the Paramount Chief in order to talk to him about the issue.
The accused persons were represented by Sarga Jahateh, while the Inspector General of Police was represented by Prosecutor Kolley. The case was adjourned till 10th March 2010. VOL:3 ISSN:83

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