Friday, September 24, 2010

Qcell Breaks a Record with Roaming Services

550 roaming partners in 208 countries in the world
VOL:1 ISSN:16 The Chief Executive Officer of Qcell, Muhammed Jah has said that from 1st December 2009, Qcell is now roaming with 550 roaming partners and present in 208 countries in the world, with a minimum of one operator in every country in the world.

He said Qcell Instant Roaming Sim Card is a piece of innovation that exemplifies convenience and simplicity, adding that the Qcell Instant Roaming SIM Card is a gateway to the global communication.

Jah made these remarks during a Press Conference on Qcell roaming services at Qcell Headquarters at Kairaba Avenue recently.

“I am sure you will agree with me that whenever records are broken, especially a record which will positively affect the lives of people, it will be worthwhile to recognise and celebrate the event of the record breaking,” Jah told the conference.

He said the vision that spurred Qcell into existence is a double-edged one, noting that it was initially his personal ambition as a businessman. “Having established Quantum NET in 1998, and adding a few subsidiaries in the following years, I continued this trajectory of growth, with an entrepreneurial drive that had gears pointing only forward, looking for new opening, and in the process, extending my wingspan, as it were, as a businessman. And in doing so Qcell started operation in July this year”, said Jah. He added that they are determined that Qcell was not going to be just another GSM operator.

Explaining the idea of bringing to The Gambia “the highest and best” in telecommunication technology was a significant triggering impulse which gave their vision its initial fire, Jah said nothing short of the best would do as there was the greater need that Gambians must be given access to these new technologies, which have now become part of the fabric of all modern economies. He stated that the President’s Vision 2020, the Silicon Valley project, and many other initiatives, are all timely responses to the technological challenges of their age. By any standard of reckoning, he said Qcell is what the Americans call a game changer. He underscored the point that the most commonplace fact about their network, and distinctive only to them, is that it’s the only 3G network in The Gambia, with facilities and services that no other operator can offer. With a Qcell SIM card, he said fast internet access is taken for granted; that their video call service is now the talk of the town, and the Qcell Multimedia Service, the service that allows you to send and receive video, music and photos from one mobile to another, is now the rage among young people.

He further indicated that QChat service is a social networking application which allows their customers to have fun chats in groups or in private and their QTunes allows one to select the music one want people to listen when called. “On occasions, we may find need to switch off our mobile, but with our QAlert, one will never have to miss a call, as the service is there to alert us of our missed calls. The QWAP is another fantastic facility, it allows those with low-end, non 3G, phones to access the net, and enter the world of content, including music, video, sports, new and much more,” he explained.

The Qcell CEO mentioned that a record has been broken in the history of our country, particularly in the history of Telecommunication in The Gambia. With Qcell, SUNU BUSS Roaming SIM Card, he said they cover all countries in the world.

On her part, Isatou Jallow, Coordinator of the Qcell Roaming Service said the major aims of Qcell are to provide their customers with a cheap, efficient and wide reaching mobile phone experience. She said they already have the cheapest network in the country, and the clarity and reliability one gets with their network is unmatched by any other GSM operator’s network in The Gambia.

“This is true of the locally made calls as well as the international ones, and it’s about to get even better,” said Isatou.

Though only a few months old, she said they’ve spared no effort to have as many roaming agreements as possible, covering the four corners of the globe, to enable their customers to travel anywhere in the world and still be within easy reach.

As the roaming coordinator, Madam Jallow indicated that she was challenged to ensure that within six months of launching, Qcell customers should enjoy roaming services in most countries of the world.

“The more I thought of Qcell’s objective to roam in every country in the world, the more I became nervous, but with the superb working spirit of Qcell staff, I had the belief that we can do it, because always we do the impossible,” she boasted.

She added that at Qcell, a task is called a challenge when it sets a standard for others to follow, adding that is the reason why they work day and night to achieve their objective.

She noted that the ground has been revolutionarily shifted in Qcell’s latest brainchild, stating that the Qcell experience has now truly gone global, because with their new Qcell Instant Roaming SIM, their customers can travel far and wide, and wherever they might be in the world, they would be able to make a call.

She also mention that their post paid roaming subscribers will continue to enjoy all services enjoyed locally and internationally with over 550 operators in over 208 destinations worldwide.

She further stated that Qcell will continue to work tirelessly in enhancing their subscribers’ experience and in a month, they shall be launching the Qcell prepaid and GPRS roaming service.

She explained that the SUNU BUSS brand is one that prides itself on expanding the world of their customers with all the conveniences of a modern high-tech mobile service.

She concluded by encouraging the general public to buy Qcell Instant Roaming SIM Card to enjoy their excellent service.

The occasion was graced by Mr. Alhagie Cham, permanent secretary, Ministry of Communication Information and Information Technology (MOCIIT), Mr. Yankuba Touray, deputy permanent secretary MOCIIT, Mr. Baboucarr Jallow, permanent secretary Ministry of Trade, Industry and Employment and the Director General of PURA, Mr. Alhagie Gaye, all whom praised the Qcell initiative as a commendable patriotic move. The press conference was chaired by Mr. Momodou S. Jallow

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