Wednesday, May 2, 2012



By Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu

No, I have not taken an oath of secrecy requiring total break-up of direct unvetted communication with all and sundry!
As the African saying goes, if you can influence or inspire at least one thousand people, you do not belong to yourself but to those thousand people. My cozy place in the hearts of my fans is more important to me than the Oscars, the Pulitzer Prize and other accolades.

My leading fans Alhassan Darboe, Jainaba Houson and all those who preferred to be addressed as secret admirers, when I went into a writing strike in the past, you guys prevailed on me to suspend the strike and write for the sake of humanity. I proudly honoured your request.

This time around I am withdrawing from all regular online debates on Gambian issues and please do not prevail on me to comeback as I will find it difficult to turn down your requests. The time is not there for me to launch my own paper toedutain (educate and entertain) and infotain (inform and entertain) you. After sober reflection and behind-the-scene consultations with people who consider me as their jikko hope, I reached the conclusion that my time is too valuable to waste on being an unshakable bone in the throats of nefarious people who do not want the online platforms and social media to be used for productive and non-petty battle of ideas for the advancement of our Dear Motherland of The Gambia and Humanity.

No honest living being can say that I do not care about The Gambia. When I am on film/TV production set or performing arts tour here in Europe, I am physically cut off the rest of the world for weeks and at times, months. But due to my passion for The Gambia, I squeeze time out of my creativity breaks to write and send out commentaries using the ubiquitous mobile internet access. Gambian taxpayers have not been paying me for my ideas and the extra loss of time. I am not begging them for a Butut as I need not wait for anyone tell me what I should do right for my Country and Community.

When the chiefs came out with the plan to turn your Gambian children and grandchildren into slaves of a monarch, I fearlessly drummed them back without even a cat losing its life in the process. Now they will only be promoting a dead project. For I have even convinced the street militants of the ruling APRC party to say “no” to the backward project of the chiefs. How many lousy keyboard tigers and self-anointed liberators of Gambians seriously did this in the interests of the future generations?

As for the opposition groups, no one can say that I did not care about them. I used my supersonic nerd brain to work out a winning strategy they could use to get what they want but they decided otherwise. Not my problem. I gave Diaspora Gambians the idea of relentlessly pressuring the electoral body to get themselves enfranchised. They did not listen. Again, not my problem.

When UDP was launched in Brikama around 1996, I gave it initial national and international media exposure. I am the first to grant Lawyer Ousainou Darboe a full page interview on the The Point Newspaper and also a special audio version for theVoice of America. How many UDP fanatics inventing tales just to score points against me did this initial work free of charge? Ingrates!

I am the first producer to not just record a congress of the PDOIS but also air it on GRTS prime time news slot for nationwide exposure. Sister Jabou Joh, you once called me a male chauvinist pig and I am forever proud of this title. Pigs are among the intelligent and useful animals. I know if at all you knew about my priceless help for your dear PDOIS you would not call me names. So I forgive and wish you all the best.

By and large, am not a double-tongued hypocrite. Some people call themselves opposition supporters when they are actually spying for the other side. Others present themselves as pro Jammeh civil servants and APRC members when they are busy sabotaging President Jammeh day and night. They are POJINO (Pro Jammeh In Names Only)!

I made it known that I owe my formative political education to Foroyaa Newspaper and Halifa Sallah. I also expressed my interest in buying Foroyaa should it be put for sale as I believe it should be preserved for posterity, independent of the fate of PDOIS. I was clear in that if at all I did not endorse President Jammeh, I would have endorsed Mai Fatty and his GMC or the PDOIS. But President Jammeh proved to be the lucky chap at the right place at the right time and with the right realpolitik tailor-made for The Gambian peculiarities.

Genuine Gambians who have been following my contributions can attest to the fact that I tirelessly called for mature debates without personal pettiness and fabrication of lies against each others' private family lives. I tried my best to be objective and rational despite my deliberate provocations. Gambians seem to be more interested in lies, gossips, blackmails, intimidation, idling, hypocrisy or character assassinations as if they have no personal human faults and are at the same morally-perfect level with the immortal angels.

Prove me wrong but I have come to the conclusion that the intellectual maturity rate  among Gambians at home and abroad is still low and at least fifty years behind time! The ones who went to English or Arabic school are among the worse. Some people are born to use their muscles and sweat all their lives regardless of how many briefcases of degrees they own. I belong to the class of people who are born to just use their brains and think of productive ideas that can benefit humanity. 

The detractors are not important to me as they can never subdue me. My pet animals have higher stature than them. But I cannot denigrate myself and Noble Family by trying to reason with the detractors when their brain cells are dead. They can only understand things through muscular violence and sub-human insults.

I also find myself in different wavelengths with the toothless bulldogs. Some have the short-term objective of removing Yahya Jammeh from power for reasons best known to them. Gambians have not given me the mandate to liberate them from President Jammeh and I see no reason why I should usurp or join insincere people who will betray one and other before even taking off. So far all anti-Jammeh projects of the last 17 years failed for the simple reasons that some of the lousy folks are not genuine. They do not care about Gambians as they claim. 

They just want to find ways of sharing the national cake among themselves without serious sacrifice. Otherwise they would have succeeded. The successful independent NAM candidates of 29 March 2012 came from nowhere and prevailed against all odds because they cared and put the interests of their electorates first. But for the last 17 years, online and offline “liberators of Gambians” have been moving in merry-go-round. Whenever they make noise, you feel Jammeh will run away within the next 24 hours. 

But you wake up the next day only to realize that it was all hot hair as usual. Jammeh's luck, as I said above he is a lucky chap, lies in the laziness, divisiveness, betrayals, hypocrisy, lies, jealousy, blackmails, greed, denials and bickering in the anti-Jammeh camps at home and abroad. Gambian voters are not fools. Until the day they are presented with reliable alternatives, they will continue to rally behind Jammeh through the slogans of: the devil you know is better than the Satan you don't!

I do not want regime change, just attitudinal change. My own mission is to help free society from the germs of religious bigotry, cultural hypocrisy, mental slavery, backward practices, innovation lethargy and the likes. I do not therefore need to waste my time with people whose daily prayers are just: Jammeh this, Jammeh that. I can use other alternative means and then leave the Online Gambian space to them. Since 2006 I made it sincerely known that attitudinal change is more important for me than regime change. Governments come and go but the stagnant attitudes that are keep society backward do not go easily. I am therefore wasting my time trying to reason out here!

I deliberately refuse to behave like the people who use big academic words just to prove they went to school. I settle for the modest edutainment (education and entertainment) methods of making sure people internalize what I am explaining without crying for the dictionary. I can write in other styles that can make you cry or strangulate the person sitting next to you but I choose the style that would make you feel good and fresh after reading. 

Articulating you and getting your messages internalize is a Sophisticated Elite High Art that you cannot just learn with catalogues of college degrees.
Gambia/Africa is in a mess today as we have people with colorful academic titles in decision making positions but are not even competent to work as babysitters. You give them positions of responsibility, they would turn out to be arrogant, vindictive, unpatriotic, greedy and wasteful burdens on society. They commit worst crimes against their own people more than the colonial powers!

It is sad that our University of The Gambia (UTG) and Public Service are being hijacked by incompetent educated illiterates who just studied to pass their exams and are unproductive. As my Fula cousins would say, SI AJANGANI AFAHAMATA (if you do not learn you will not understand). 

Many people go to school at home and abroad not to learn but to just have decorative papers to bluff around with. Their bachelors, masters, diplomas and doctorate degrees are of lower value than monkey shit! It is only people who are still suffering from the mental damages of the brainwashed education systems who get carried away by empty show of catalogues of degrees. I am protesting against my academic papers for good reasons. I can afford to say I am not educated and get away with it as I have a different understanding for quality and productive education beyond papers. 

Academic writing, for instance, is one of the easiest exercises in this world as it is standardized. It is easier than brewing attaya green tea. Just follow the instructions, use the right grammar and formats, avoid plagiarism, honour the deadlines, be in good terms with your supervisor and you have it. Lock me up in a well-resourced library and come back a month later. I will have an ethical doctoral thesis ready for you to defend before any world class committee of academics or scholars of your choice.

Like I said before, we Gambians as a small country should put quality above quantity in ALL aspects of our political economy. If I were, for instance, in charge of the University of The Gambia (UTG) I would have failed ninety (90) percent of all graduates so far because they are not employable and enterprising out of school life! They did not understand what they were taught by demoralized instructors who did not also understand what they were teaching. In as much as I intend to join the academia in due course as part of the natural progression of my destiny, I am not interested in joining the Faculty of the University of The Gambia (FUTG) any time soon in the absence of academic freedom, long-term strategy, ethics and standards and, liberal sincerity. For I will not resist the temptation of training my students to be the next Ernesto Che Gueveras, Nkrumahs, Steve Jobs, Nikola Teslas, Da Vincis, Henry Fords, Guglielmo Marconis, Steven Spielbergs, Soyinkas, Ghandis and other go-getters who helped shape the destiny of humanity. 

So please keep me away from The University of The Gambia until the time it is ready for liberal and progressive battle of ideas without the current scum of lies, greed, eyes service competition to impress President Jammeh, politics, short-termism, wastage of strained resources, infighting, “mboka” attitude, and, and, and!

Vice Chancellor (VC) Professor Muhammadu O. Kah, I have nothing personal against you and you are, like every other human being, innocent until proven guilty by a serious court. If the publicized investigative reports of the Gambian National Drug Law Enforcement Agency on your reported wrongdoings are credible enough to be accepted by a serious court of law, then I say shame on you for betraying my Brother President Jammeh. 

Gambia has no shortage of administrative pen-pushers as our education system is designed to just feed the parasitic bureaucracy. What we have is a chronic deficit of liberal critical thinkers and innovators. So you are not indispensable as administrative VC. My Brother Jammeh gave you a chance and you abused it. Like with the usual habit of African decision makers, you too refused to take responsibility for your reported poor judgment and nepotism. You instead hunted out  sacrificial lambs and scapegoats while competing with the APRC Yayi Compins because you people think Jammeh can be fooled with praise-singing and lies. 

Professor Kah if you have jom, you will take responsibility and resign before it is late. As I once said, those who like using their supposed supernatural maraboutic ancestry for arrogance, greed, bluffs, intolerance and destruction of adversaries will be betrayed by the same powers! I have once again been proven right. People, keep underrating my unorthodox insights and early warning signals at your own peril.

Professor Kah correct me if I am wrong, you were part of that American University of Nigeria ( the former Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar built in his home town of Yola, Adamawa State. I remember him lamenting during an interview that the university was operating at a big loss and his monthly expenditure on his imported 

American faculty members were prohibitive and unsustainable. He said he is keeping the university open just to make higher education for his provincial community accessible and affordable.

My Brother President Jammeh, the Ombudsman and his staff should either be fired or sent to jail for wasting taxpayers' monies. Under normal circumstances people between Barra and Koina should be sending petitions to their nearest outlets of the Office of The Ombudsman (OTO) and not the Office of The President of The Republic (OTPR) in the first instance. The Ombudsman would then act expeditiously for solutions. But the fact that people are being dragged to court for supposedly giving false information to public officers shows the Ombudsmen and women are sleeping their mandates. Waking them up in Mile 2 central prison will be a good lesson for all those who think taxpayers are sweating just for them to feel great in their offices and cars. 

My Brother, thanks for sending Dr. Mariama Sarr-Ceesay out. I told her to keep the Higher Education portfolio NEUTRAL by either using at least her African looks and tikko or requesting transfer to another position but she would not listen. I don’t know what is wrong with our womenfolk. Once they know how to write A, B, C, D or AH, BA, TA, SA, they feel they should not listen to us the bad boys anymore. You call it emancipation? I call it “emanstupidity”, full stop!

Please with the University of The Gambia (UTG) Mr. President do not wait till the day when you would have to use brute force to quell dissents among demoralized students and academic staff. Your global image will suffer irreparable damages for posterity. Universities and colleges have always been melting pots for evolutions and revolutions and our UTG will not escape this role, if not now then in due course. Managing and containing this revolutionary or evolutionary role peacefully is what differentiate leaders. If at all the members of the Governing Council of UTG and the top officials of the Higher Education Ministry are worth the money taxpayers are wasting on them, they should have given you Mr. President sincere advice on how to make the UTG a world class non-violent battlefield of productive liberal ideas without the battles leading to a revolution or evolution that would chase you out of Office.

As in most things Gambians, people just want to keep their jobs but are not interesting in doing their jobs in the interest of The Gambia. Lying to keep their honey pots is better for them than telling President Jammeh the useful truth even if it leads to their dismissal, death or jail. Mr. President free yourself from the lethal revolutionary and evolutionary trap around UTG before it is late. You cannot prevent them. Just learn how to contain them before they surface so you can prevail!

British, American, Singaporean or Taiwanese higher education system, all we need is for UTG to serve as a premier incubator for quality human assets needed to turn The Gambia into a self-sustaining modern productive African nation according to our progressive Gambian/African Values. We must not forget to break the barriers of Appropriate Technology if we do not want to rot behind other emerging nations. I hope the members of the organizing committee for the Year of Science, Technology and Innovation 2012 are seriously concretizing my idea for the permanent annual Presidential Competition for Science, Technology, Innovation and Creative Arts (PSTICAs) and National Innovation Week. Otherwise they should be fired! I did not endorse President Jammeh for his Government to fail the voters with me sharing the moral blame. People should either perform in their positions or face the music. As I said, it cannot be business as usual if we want to develop The Gambia into a modern world class African nation. No one will develop The Gambia for us, period!

I am tired of warning that the youths are angry and the hippopotamuses will be ignoring the anger at their own peril. The recent attack on the Coco Ocean Resort and Spa (CORS) owner is, for whatever reason, one of the many symptoms of youth frustration and anger in The Gambia. The man, I wish him speedy recovery, represents the chep eating establishment living in a bubble. How many socially responsible youth or community development projects in the remote or underprivileged parts of The Gambia has the man supported since opening his highly profitable luxury hotel? Of course profit remains his primary goal and I proudly support that. But we live in an era of “giving back” social responsibility and ethical capitalism that serve as preventive self-protection strategies.

I hope the Rule of Law will take its naturally course in the matter without subjecting other angry youths to blanket suspicion, paranoia and collective punishment. This will be counterproductive. I implore the youths to find other non-violent alternative means of letting their suppressed steam out without copying those boys. Please give the decision makers sometime to take my words seriously. My dear decision makers, do you want more self-preserving fat cats to share the fate of the Coco Ocean hotel owner in the hands of angry youths? If yes, then start building more prison cells to accommodate all the angry but silent youths under your respective noses while working on your own exit!

I would like to thank Mawdo Mathew K Jallow. Ndjarama Mawdo for being a fair debater. We never agreed on the status of Professor Dokitaro Arfang Yahya Jammeh. You see him as a blood-thirsty dictator who must go and I consider him a Bad Boy who is not going an inch away from power as long as I endorse him! But on other issues we found a common denominator and I am humbled. I enjoyed your company. Mawdo Mathew thanks for discovering the “genius” in me just as my Ethiopian High Prince Dida Halake Jallow did. My dear Dida, in spite of the bad ridicule and insults you went through, you proved that you are indeed a genuine Pan Africanist and proud Gambian by heart. As once noted, I am wasting my intellect trying to reason with our fellow Gambians but since I am an intellectual freedom fighter and rational think-thank, I cannot just seat idle and watch them destroy The Gambia. I have to be intervening in a kind of last resort way to help prevent national tragedies. La noblesse oblige, the nobility obliges me as well. Now though, I am packing out of Online Gambia indefinitely. There are zillion alternative ways of promoting enlightenment and healthy battle of ideas for the benefit of The Gambia and humanity.

My Brother Michael Scales, in my book “The Africans: A Triple Uselessness” I wrote that an African for me is not someone whose skin is black, white, red or yellow. An African is in my world-view a human being who is African by heart. You are a genuine Gambian/African. Thank you. You are more Gambian/African than those greedy Gambians/Blacks who exploit White people just for paper marriage, money and other quickie materialistic gains.

My dear watchman, wherever you are thanks for being a fair player. I agree with you that the opposition should have sacrificed a pink cow. I will add they include magenta and green cows if they want Gambians to vote for their failed strategies and exhausted candidates. To all the others that I locked horns with, thank you. I forgive you all. Momodou Ndow we still have an outstanding football match to play and afterwards, chill out big time. I will bring along a bus filled with curvy bosom hour is to make the occasion hotter than hot!

To all the worldly ladies and Gambian ones who are guilty according to my charge sheet against Gambian women, it has been a great fun provoking the hell out of your sweet buttocks. Thanks for your understanding. I will miss you. Sorry that I am not your official Minister of Women and Jelijeli Affairs! I have a lot of interesting articles on the battle of the sexes that I will now keep to myself but do not forget to drop those fake hair. Never try skin bleaching and unnecessary plastic surgery. Strive to remain authentic and natural. I am still allergic to the Gambian women's anti-dating excuse of: you are my brother. Do me one more favour: keeping putting quality meat on your hips, curves and backsides! For a classy woman must have meat, not fat or self-inflicted bulimia through bad dieting habits! Smooches. Mwah! Mwah!! Mwah!!!

Now to the online editors and their papers. Fatou Jaw Manneh of Maafanta, my mentor and former teacher Ebrima G. Sankareh of The Gambia Echo, Pa Nderry M'Bai of Freedom Newspaper, Kemo and Yusupha Cham of Jollofnews, Yankuba Jambang of Senegambia News, my namesake Baboucarr Ceesay of AllGambian, Baba Haidara of HelloGambia, Mawdos Demba and Yero of the proudly Gainako newspaper, Mr. Sarr of The Gambia Journal, Sadibu Jadama and his rested paper and others I do not mention for space reasons, thank you all for publishing my unconventional, funny, thought-provoking and crazy commentaries all these past years. I wish you all great timeless resilience. We all look forward to the day when the great grandchildren can dig through the archives and say: wow this Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu is dead stubborn!

As I once hinted, in a every nation you have voices of reasons or national consciences who despite their own natural human faults will have the guts to speak truth to all and sundry without fear or favour, affection or will. Some countries have natural persons, other has institutions and some have both. The USA has various think-thanks but the revered SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) tops them as the ultimate voice of reason. Germany has its Bundesverfassungsgericht(Federal Constitutional Court) and ceremonial federal president alongside intellectual celebrities like author Guenter Grass. South Africa has Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Nigeria has Wole Soyinka. The UK had Bertrand Russell and George Jacob Holyoake on its list of legendary public intellectuals. France currently has its TV moderator Raphael Einthoven and the controversial author Bernard Henri Levy. Mali had the late Amadou Hampatè Ba and Congo has Alain Mabanckou. You count the rest.

For our own Gambia, I endorsed my mentor Halifa Sallah as our National Voice of Reason. Since no living being disputed it directly or indirectly to my knowledge, I believe this endorsement stands. Halifa is however getting older and tired. A new generation of smart liberal public intellectuals should gradually be stepping into our national area as we cannot afford to leave the space of rational and secular intellectualism empty for the intolerant religious zealots and other backward thinkers to keep the people in fatalistic bondage. We need diversity or pluralism but no archaic ideological monotony. I therefore implore all young male and female Gambian intellectuals who deem themselves fit for the role of voices of reason to throw their hats into the ring or endorse others they believe have the candor, stature and sophistication for the ungrateful social function.

I would like to issue a warning to all those who still insist on debating with character assassination, lies, half-truths, tricks and gossips against my person or family. Freedom of expression comes with responsibility and you cannot escape responsibility for your actions. I do not care whether I will be in public office or private life, if you are going to  float something about me as of Tuesday 01 May 2012 until the day you hear about my death, make sure you can defend it in a court of law. Otherwise you will be incurring Voodoo Spell on yourself and children. It does not matter whether you use a fake or real name. As long as you include my name “Sankanu” in what you write you will attract the Jalang wrath. The good thing about our African Traditional Religion is that the punishment happens here in this world. It is not suspended till hereafter. Voodoo Spirituality has similar features as the wireless communication signals and can travel through all devices that have microphone or sound transmission components. Even if your name is fake to cover what you negatively write about “Sankanu”, your IP address and SIM cards are registered somewhere so the curse will travel through that point. CALL IT EMPTY WORDS IF YOU LIKE BUT I AM NOT GOING TO REPEAT THIS WARNING! Six years of pleading for moderation, responsibility and debate without personal character assassination is enough. Now is time for tit-for-tat. You drag my name or that of my Noble Background through the mud using your pen, printer, voice or keyboard, the remote-controlled Voodoo Spell will mess you or your children up!

Germany and other advanced economies have started criminalizing the abuse of the New Media to destroy life, image and properties out of malice and envy. Cyber-mobbing, stalking, identity theft and other abuse of cyber anonymity are now punishable with heavy penalties. I do not have time to waste going after people who will be using the online fora and related social media to tarnish my reputation or insult my Noble Lineage. I will just wait for confirmation from my Voodoo Priest that the Voodoo Curse/Spell is mixing up their lives or those of their children!

There are red lines and limits to everything in life. Since 2006 I have been asking Gambians to just debate national issues without personal pettiness. So those who will not listen will have to pay for their irresponsibility as of 01 May 2012 should they insist on abusing my name just to attract quick parasitic viral attention and notoriety. Only non-personal constructive criticisms of my personality and actions without malice are exempted from the blanket Voodoo Spell. For I am not above balanced criticisms that could help me improve on my natural human faults.

Contrary to claims that Jammeh is too dictatorial and does not listen, my experience has proven that President Jammeh is indeed open to constructive criticisms and productive ideas provided they are coming from sincere entities. I checked: from my clemency plea for Tabora Samba, the woman who was sentenced to death for killing her husband, to my call for Jammeh to thank Gambians, President Jammeh has proven his critics wrong in my examples. The time and space are not there to list all my ideas and requests that his Government considered but I am just grateful that the quality time I sacrificed for our national discourse has been productive and fruitful.

My Brother President Jammeh thank you very much. At first when I told you to thank Gambians for giving you the chance to be what you are today, you could not fancy it but our Wise First Mother Aja Asombie Bojang understood and encouraged you to do so. You listened and swept the polls. I have another winning strategy for you for the 2016  Presidential Elections. Since I will not be writing again online, I can send it to you through your preferred channel of communication so you can start reviewing it. The re-election campaign for 2016 starts now! 

We have no term limit and you have the right to keep seeking re-election until when you or The Gambian voters are tired of you. As I once wrote, I want you to have a dignified exit from power. You should have the chance to enjoy your pension surrounded by your children and grandchildren or do what former Nigerian President Obasanjo is now doing after leaving office. I specifically said I do not want you to be like Charles Taylor of Liberia (removed and jailed), Nino Viera of Guinea Bissau (killed by his own soldiers), Saddam Hussein of Iraq (killed after his sons and heir-apparent) or Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal (humiliated out of office and his quasi-monarchy plans destroyed). 

I believe you are smart enough to know when it is time for you to leave. I for one will not hesitate to tell you should I see the time coming, when it meets me alive, so you can prepare well. The Ancestors bear me witness. Any hypocrite(s) who comes to you now or in due course with claims that I am part of a conspiracy or plot to get you out by force or tricks, will just be a pathological liar out to promote discord. 

Even if he or she wields the Bible or the Qur'an and swears by all the gods and religions in the universe, he or she will just be simulating to tell you what would like to hear. If I want you out of power, Sir, I will respectfully tell you live and direct and then damn the consequences! The fact that I did not run for my life when those Sukuta boys came to lynch me over “alada fix” proves the type of person I am.

Mr. President, I am grateful to hear that you adopted my idea for a National Theatre Complex as the pivot of our Gambian arts and culture industry cluster. You made me very proud and I cannot wait to produce or direct classy cultural productions in the theatre complex. It is just sad that the doyen of Gambian film Ebrima Sagnia (1942-2012) will not witness its opening but I am sure we will have an integrated HALL OF FAME to immortalize our creative and performing arts assets. Now Gambian talents will not envy the Senegalese and Nigerians who make good use of their national theatres and creative clusters.

My Brother President Jammeh, I will not kill for you and I will not lie for you. I will also not compete the praise-singing sycophants in the eye service game just to be or stay longer within your system. Even if I try, it will not work as it is not part of my DNA. I will however continue to tell you the rational and sincere reality wherever possible without ill-intent. I endorse you and express my unflinching bad boy solidarity with you. My braincells and sophisticated intellect are at your disposal. Should you need them as part of your arsenal of smart productive ideas, you are welcomed. If you are looking for just another bureaucratic fat cat with or without potbelly, I am the wrong person. First, I hate to have unnecessary body weight or a protruded stomach filled with gas, fat and bacteria and I therefore control what I eat. Second, I feel bored of the hypocritical fights just to be in an office job longer than necessary. If you are however looking for a slender AYAAB (Angry Young African Alpha Boy) and nerd who can use his sophisticated brain cells to proffer crazy but productive and smart ideas in your personal interest and in the interests of your Government and the Peoples of The Republic of The Gambia, then you have me!

Mr. President, I am a member of the young PIRATES PARTY ( here in Germany that is winning seats one state election after the other! My membership number is 30599 and people are free to contact the party to confirm. Some of my ideas were floated for adoption at our just-concluded district congress (Kreisparteitag) this Monday 30 April 2012 in Cologne. There are reliable indications that I will be nominated, if I am interested, to run for a seat in the prestigious Bundestag federal legislative election of 2013 or the EU parliamentary one in 2014. Victory is assured as the young decisive voters who grew enjoying the works of Bob Marley, Denzel Washington, Eddy Murphy, Michael Jackson and company do not judge according to skin color, religion, tribe, gender, caste, birth, origin, economic and other discriminatory terms. Besides, serious pollsters have confirmed that voters across all age groups are fed up with the big parties and are ready to give the angry young pirates a chance. Call it Arab Spring, German/European style.

My preference is a seat in the EU Parliament. For it will give me more freedom and flexibility to carry on work for film, TV, theatre and other public or private positions both in The Gambia/Africa and Europe at the same time without stress and conflicts of interest. Should my home country of The Gambia need me, I would not mind modifying or suspending this international political career option as it will not run away from me at least for the next thirty (30) years.

Mr. President, no hypocrite can say that I am not, once again, putting the interest of The Gambia above my personal interests. I have proven over and over that I need not fight for positions from Jammeh as a requirement for prestigious international public responsibility. If I cannot play productive elite roles in the political economy of my African country of origin for reasons known to backward detractors, greedy compatriots and intolerant adversaries, no living being can stop me from playing them in my Western country of adoption whenever I feel like. Not all African migrants can become part of the political elites of their new second homes. We live in a free world and am a born adventurer. I am grateful for being a dynamic universal human asset and not a retrogressive liability on humanity. Hakuna matata, mzee!

I now leave Gambians the space and freedom they need to enjoy their central imperatives of lying, fighting, ridiculing, gossiping, back-stabbing, wasting, misinforming and destroying one and other.



(email, text or skype for latest address details before postage)
TEL.: 00491774842957  (texts only)
SKYPE: princebasankanu
REGISTRATION NUMBER: HRA 25199, Amtsgericht Koeln, Germany
Tax/VAT-IDs: 42589312071 (personal) and 218/5030/2061 (corporate)


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