Tuesday, September 28, 2010

YAWMAL ASHURA: Time for budgeting and Stock-Taking

“There Is Nothing Better Than To Forgive and Forget” - Editorial 
VOL:1 ISSN: 45 “Yawmal Ashura”, the period which marks the beginning of another New Year in the Islamic Calendar was over the weekend celebrated by Muslims throughout the world.
But, what did this period mean? Well, for devoted Muslims, it is a period of stock-taking and reflection over their deeds during the past 12 months. So that people can repent over their sins, forgive each other for sins that might have been committed knowingly or unknowingly and look into the New Year with forward looking thoughts.
Equally, it is a moment for businessmen to study the up and downward trends of their business set-ups. In either case, the owner can make a sound and wise decision as a New Year process. If the business has made a positive growth over the past months, the owner then need to redouble that speed, maintain the steady growth and on the other hand, where as the opposite is the case, he/she needs to revisit the business.
For some governments, the New Year (Ashura) means going over their policies to ensure that they are workable, applicable to their citizens and whether or not these policies are in the interest of the public. Presidential pardons can usually be associated with this day, especially if a particular Head of State is a practicing Muslim as the period is marked by forgiving and forgetting, reconciliation and building strong and peaceful relations with neighbours, relatives, subjects and those that you are working with.
At this stage, there is an opportunity for every Muslim to open a new page into his/her life (where necessary) by living straight and being honest to yourself and with whom you are dealing with coupled with much devotion to your duty to God and Humanity.
For those who have experienced success in their endeavours, we wish them continuity and for those who have lived through a lot of hurdles and sets-backs, we pray that they are relieved out of the woods (troubles) and make headway in their efforts to realise their desired goals.
To All Muslims, The North Bank Evening Standard Say Happy Ashura engulfed with Peace, Love and Blessings that Comes with It.

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