Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Darboe bemoan low voter registration turnout, slams 'self-appointed' verifiers

UDP Leader Ousainou Darboe
Opposition leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Ousainou Darboe has revealed to The Voice that he visited a number of voter registration centers, and there is no problem generally, the only thing is that there is low turnout in some areas.
“The issue of attestation is really a problem throughout the country, you find self-appointed citizenship verifiers, verifying the citizenship of people they have never set eyes on,” he told our reporter in an interview at his home (Kotu) on Friday.
“These people are abusing the process and it is known that they are people, who identified with a specific political party, but the issue of registration is not a party issue, it is a national issue.”

Microfinance management course kicks-off in Banjul

GAWFA CEO, Oley Njie
A six-day management development course and training of trainers, for mid-level managers of microfinance institutions in Africa, organized by Africa Microfinance Network (AFMIN) kicks-off in Banjul, The Gambia on Monday.
Hosted by Gambia Women’s Finance Association (GAWFA), the largest microfinance institution in the country, the course is being held in collaboration with the Centre for Microfinance Leadership at the Women’s World Banking.
The programme is financed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, and is aimed at “addressing the key concepts of managing for results and also to develop transformational skills for microfinance institutions managers”.

National News Round up

Efficient transport system vital to economic growth
An efficient transport system is vital to sustain and enhance economic growth and the quality of life, however, the provision of such transport facilities and services must meet the essential criteria of economic efficiency, says Neville Weeks, WSP Team Leader.
The WSP International Management Consultants is a UK-based Consultancy Firm tasked with the execution of the Gambia National Transport Policy review.
The document is being instituted to better improve the transport system of the Gambia and is funded by the European Commission (under the EU Grant for Support to the National Transport Plan of The Gambia).

Africa demonstrates a strong commitment to ICT-supported education

  • No impunity for human rights violations committed in the name of counter-terrorism’ – UN expert
  • Security Agents Urged to Share Knowledge for Improved Effectiveness

Declaration On The State of Peace And Security In Africa

Also in the news...
  • G8/Africa joint declaration, shared values – shared responsibilities
AU Assembly (Pix - Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office)
The Assembly of the Union, at its extraordinary session held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 25 May 2011, to review the state of peace and security in Africa, deliberated on the situation obtaining on the continent on the basis of the report of the Chairperson of the Commission [EXT/ASSEMBLY/AU/2. (01.2011)].

Thursday, May 26, 2011



Convicted of treason twice, Tamba remains loyal to President Jammeh
The erstwhile Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Lang Tombong Tamba and his compatriot, former Naval Chief Sarjo Fofana were in Court on May 23, 2011 for sentencing over charges of treason and related offences.
After being sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by Justice Joseph E. Ikpala of the Special Criminal Division of the High Court in Banjul, Tamba proclaimed that his “loyalty to President Jammeh will never change, even in hell”.
On Monday, the High Court found them guilty on all four counts and handed them a concurrent prison sentence of 20 years.
Nonetheless, Tamba said: “I do not want anyone to cry for me. My consent is clear and my loyalty to the president of the republic will never change. If my loyalty to the president is why they are doing it, let them do it but that will not change my loyalty.”


Sii Paah Bii - Paapa Lengthy
On May 21, 2011, a cohort of Gambian artists and a large number of music lovers descended on Ndongo Lo Lane, in Latrikunda German to mark Paapa Lengthy’s Birthday.
The artist, who is popularly known as “Jaisiit Bii – Sii Paah Bii” (the crocodile - in the hole) has made it a tradition to organise music shows on his birthdays, since 2009.
The show was attended by music lovers and fans coming from all over the Greater Banjul Area and the West Coast Region. “It was hard organising the show, however, the turn out was incredible, people came from all over and most of them neither know me, nor they’ve seen me before,” the 26 year-old singer said in appreciation.

FILA is 2: Promoter believes there is still room for improvement

Waagan Faye, Black Lynx - Music producer and promoter
FILA, a TV Show produced by Black Lynx in cooperation with Mediamatic will be celebrating its 2nd Year Anniversary on May 27-28, 2011 at Jakarlo Spy-Bar and Jokor Brikama respectively.
The music and entertainment show, presented by XMYLS and BLACKA, is aimed at promoting Gambian music and two-years on; it has been the most popular TV Show to have brought about great exposure of Gambian talents and home made music.
Gambian music has seen a rise in the 1960s and the 1970s; in fact, top Senegalese musicians like Youssou N’doure have had spells in Banjul to develop their music careers.

GDPD’s Henry Gomez wants a fair share of TV coverage

Henry Gomez GDPD Leader
The Voice - The leader of the opposition, Gambia Party for Democracy and Development (GPDP) Mr. Henry Gomez has stressed that all political parties in The Gambia should be given a fair share if airtime in the State TV, GRTS to relay their manifestoes to their supporters.
According to him, it was important that political parties be given adequate time on television during presidential campaigns to be able to put out their messages to the electorate.
The Gambia will be heading to the polls come November 24, 2011, however, Mr. Gomez argued that the level of sensitization on the voter registration exercise, which is in progress, was not good enough.

LRR expected to become the 3rd region to drop the Knife

More news, courtesy of The Voice Newspaper....
  • LRR expected to become the 3rd region to drop the Knife GNOC officials has ‘no case’ to answer
  • Bakoteh resident denies been hired to tell lies
  • Youths trained on peace building, crime prevention
  • Gambia Govt. validates national transport policy
  • Prosecutor wants Indian man to be convicted
  • GFA beach soccer coaching course kicks off
  • GAMCEL Celebrate 10 years of existence

Confederation of African Football disbands WAFU

GFA Boss Nyantakyi
At its meeting on May 16, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt, the Executive Committee of the Confederation of African Football, CAF made some decisions among them, the disbandment of the West African Football Association, WAFU.
CAF intervened to postpone WAFU’s General Assembly in Banjul on April 9, 2011.   
“The General Assembly accepted a recommendation from CAF to postpone elections to the Executive Committee of the WAFU until the former carries out a proposed review of the organisation of all zonal unions in Africa,” a WAFU communiqué said at the end of the General Assembly.
However, the Ghana FA Boss Kwesi Nyantakyi, who was elected as interim president of WAFU said at a press briefing: “I do not know what that means but I hope that whatever is done will be within the laws.”

CAF divided ahead of the Zurich-FIFA polls

The Pan-African Football Body, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has been divided with regards to the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) presidency contest.
FIFA President, Joseph "Sepp" Blatter and the President of the Asian Football Federation, Mohammed Bin Hammam will go head to head on June 1, 2011 at the 

FIFA Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Both candidates have launched their campaigns for votes since.

At its meeting on May 16, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt, following a secret ballot, the CAF Executive Committee voted in majority to support the incumbent Joseph Sepp Blatter.

For the records – The North Bank Evening Standard

Gambia Gov’t recognises Libya Rebels 

Friday/April 22, 2011/Media Statement/Banjul/The Gambia/ - The Government of the Republic of The Gambia hereby informs the general public of its recognition in full, of the Transitional National Council of Libya as the only legitimate body that represents the interest and affairs of the people of Libya.


  • Cote d’Ivoire Notre Voie returns on news stand
  • UN/ICTR President assigns four to the Appeals Chamber
  • UN rights expert keen on eradicating torture in Tunisia 
  • African Union, India step up efforts to enhance Africa’s development
  • India unveils comprehensive programme of cooperation with Africa
  • Bill Gates exhorts global leaders to invest in agriculture in poor countries
  • AU Commission and European Commission meeting in Brussels
  • Nobel Peace Prize 2011 – “Walking Africa” Conference

QCell roaming claims hangs in the balance

Barely six months after it started operations, precisely in December 2009, QCell claimed it is roaming all over the world with 550 partners in 208 countries worldwide. “This means that QCell has a minimum of one roaming partner in every country,” the company says.
QCell’s Chief Executive Officer Muhammed Jah described his company’s roaming service as a piece of innovation that exemplifies convenience and simplicity. Its reach is limited only by the number of countries in the world.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

West Coast Radio Journalist Freed At Last

Baldeh, WCR
West Coast Radio (WCR) sports producer and presenter, Bakary B. Baldeh has been exonerated of a charge on “conspiracy to commit felony” on May 24, 2011 by the Kanifing Municipal Court.
Baldeh and Almamy Jagne of the Fajara Golf Club were acquitted and discharged by Magistrate Sheriff B. Tabally on Tuesday, however, Bakary Njie, who has been cleared on the same count, has a charge, “prohibition of conduct to breach the peace” on him.
The acquittal and discharge of the accused persons followed a submission by defence counsel Pap Cheyassin Secka that the charge is not known to law. 
Though the defence consisting of three lawyers were absent on Tuesday, Police Prosecutor 335 Nying informed the Court that he do not oppose the position of the defence to expunge count one.

Human rights defenders resolve religious differences

Hannah Foster, Executive Director ACDHRS
To open or not to open with prayers, the NGOs Forum in Banjul was a heated debate in November last year, with arguments from both those in support and against the subject greeted by raucous applause.
This year, during the opening of NGOs Forum in the 49th Ordinary Session of the African Center on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) and the 23rd African Human Rights Book Fair, in Banjul on April 25, Hannah Foster suggested the participants pray in their own way, irrespective of whatever religion they belong.
The change followed an advice she received after last year’s disapproval of using Islamic and Christianity prayers to open the forum.

Murder: NDEA officers’ case to be heard by the SCD/HC

More news....
  • Bachilly urges expunge of charge against Indian NationalImproving Reproductive Health - UNFPA 
  • Treason Trial: Tamba, Fofana’s fate to be decide today 
  • Our future and survival matters more than anything else  
  • NDEA deputy director testifies against the former

News Round-Up From Around Africa/World

  • News media identified as presidential enemy No. 1
  • Achieving a Ceasefire, Moving towards Legitimate Government
  • Agricultural experts push for a strong seed sector in West Africa
  • Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent visits Portugal
  • 2011 Euro Mediterranean Award goes to the Crisis Unit
  • Tanzania: Development partners to provide USD 453 million
  • New UNIDO Study Builds Case for Agribusiness Development as Path to Africa’s Prosperity
  • UN launches photo contest on green issues ‘Worldwide’
  • IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn Resigns

Monday, May 23, 2011

US measures imports and exports to Africa

US President Obama looks on
United States exports to Africa were $17.1 billion in 2010, while imports from the region were $64.3 billion, compared to $5.9 billion in exports and $23.4 billion in imports from Africa in 2000 prior to the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, AGOA.
In a statement ahead of this year’s AGOA Forum which is scheduled to take place in Lusaka, Zambia on June 8-10, the US State Department said AGOA has made progress in creating jobs, spurring economic growth and facilitating a dialogue on key economic and political challenges facing many countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
The State Department added: “Importantly in this time of shrinking budgets, it has done all of these things at relatively low cost to the U.S. taxpayer. While AGOA has achieved a certain amount of success, it has not solved Africa’s challenges and the region has not experienced a genuine economic revolution. Africa also continues to struggle to compete in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Senegal on thrives in child, women and disabled rights

Senegal's Coumba Gaye
Senegal’s Deputy Minister in charge of Human Rights Madam Coumba Gaye has said her country has made major developments in the promotion and protection of the rights of children, women and the disabled.
Gaye, Senegal’s State Delegate to the recently concluded 49th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Banjul, The Gambia was speaking on May 12, 2011.
She pointed out that the strengthening of the institutional mechanism on childhood protection followed the creation of a national unit to combat child trafficking through an October 8, 2010 order from the Prime Minister of Senegal.

Free expression in Southern Africa remain under serious threats

In a statement to the recently concluded 49th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the Media Institute of Southern Africa, MISA said the enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression in the region remains under serious threats.
This, it added is due to repressive legal regimes using “due process” as a tool for justifying the persecution of journalists and citizens.
The Legal Officer for MISA in Zimbabwe Jacqueline Chikakano in a presentation on “freedom of expression in Southern Africa” on May 8, 2011, said the lack of political will to put in place effective measures to enhance the protection and enjoyment of this rights, is a common problem in Swaziland, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Prosecutor asked for time to familiarize in GNOC trial

  • Badjie claims State Agents plotted against him
Beatrice Allen
Inspector Darboe, the new prosecutor in the theft case against three senior GNOC officials has told the Kanifing Court he needs time to familiarize himself with the case.
Darboe took charge of the case on May 18, after it was reported that Prosecutor Inspector Mballow has been moved to the Brikama district Magistrate Court.
Mrs. Beatrice Allen, 1st Vice President, Mr. Ousman Wadda, Treasurer and Mr. Muhammad Janneh, Accountant of the Gambia National Olympic Committee (GNOC) are accused of theft, an allegation they have denied.
On 18th May, 2011 when the case was called at the Kanifing Municipal Magistrate Court presided by Sheriff B. Tabally, Darboe applied for an adjournment to familiarise himself with the case.

Gambia and World Affairs

  • Gambia boost up by new HIV/AIDS study 
  • Drivers dissatisfied by increase in transport fares
  • Gender Equality, a Cornerstone of Development 
  • World population to reach seven billion by October 31
  • USAID fund $2.5 million fisheries project in Gambia  
  •  Police officer testifies in Deutsch Man’s rape-charge
  •  Former Tour Guide says tourism officials need to be multilingual

From around the continent of Africa

  • Bangladeshi companies launch Africa farm lease plan
  • Joint statement: Sixth colloquium of international prosecutors
  • Bangladesh prods local investors to farm in Gambia
  • CAF Executive Committee Decisions

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gambia ALERT: Newspaper journalist detained briefly by police

May 13, 2011

Baba Sillah (Pix-Daily News)
Baba Sillah, a judicial correspondent of privately-owned Banjul-based The Daily News newspaper was on May 9, 2011 arrested and detained for about half an hour at the police headquarters in Banjul.
Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA)’s sources reported that Sillah was arrested at the police station whilst investigating the detention of four officers of the country’s National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) who had allegedly tortured a drug suspect, Cherno Alieu Suwareh, leading to his death.

The sources said Sillah was released after the police officers tore the cover of his notebook on which he had written the names of the detained officers.
The suspect was allegedly tortured by the officers during the interrogation. Source - MFWA

Radio Journalist and Co. trial fails to proceed

BB Baldeh WCR
The criminal trial involving sport presenter and producer for West Coast Radio, WCR Bakary B. Baldeh and four golf-workers (Lamin Drammeh, Lamin Tamba, Almamy Jagne and Bakary Njie) has been delayed.
The setback followed Magistrate Sheriff B. Tabally’s absence from court on May 16, 2011. The accused are standing trial on two counts of “conspiracy to commit felony” and “prohibition to the conduct of the breach of the peace”. Charges they’ve all denied. They have been earlier on exonerated on a charge of “incitement to violence” after the defence argued that the charge is not known to law.

You can get some redress but not justice in Gambian Courts

Almamy Fanding Taal, Chairperson FLARE
The foundation for legal aid, research and empowerment (FLARE) in cooperation with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) on May 14, 2011 held a seminar on “Press Freedom”.
Hosted by the Gambia Press Union (GPU) in Bakau, FLARE said the seminar is in recognition of the importance of World Press Freedom Day and free expression in the fulfillment of the human rights and development of the people of The Gambia.
This year, world press freedom day was marked under the theme “21st Century Media: New Frontiers, New Barriers”. The event marks the twentieth anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration on press freedom in Africa and the tenth anniversary of the African Broadcasting Charter.

Torture leaves tens of thousands heavily traumatized

The use of torture leaves tens, even hundreds of thousands of victims heavily traumatized with severe and long lasting mental and physical injuries, and destroys families and entire communities, Cameroon’s Mr. Basil Tifu Ajuo said.
Mr. Ajuo was presenting a paper on “The Prevention of Torture in Africa” during the recently concluded 49th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Banjul, The Gambia.
On behalf of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT), Mr. Ajuo said it is their observation that torture remains a pressing issue of grave human rights violations in Africa, despite the absolute prohibition.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IEC agrees with stakeholders not to hold a by-election in Kombo East

IEC Chair Karayol
The Independent Electoral Commission was duly notified of the untimely demise of The National Assembly Member of Kombo East by the Clerk of the National Assembly. The Commission is cognizant of its responsibility to ensure that a Bi-Election is held for the vacant seat of Kombo East in accordance with the laws of The Gambia.
The Commission was officially notified of the vacancy of the Kombo East Constituency on the 9th of April 2011. Accordingly, by virtue of Section 84 (1) and (2) of the Elections Act Cap 3.01 of the laws of The Gambia, a by-election should be held in the Kombo East Constituency not later 90 days after the vacancy of the seat at the said constituency. This is in line with the dictates of the Electoral Laws of The Gambia.

Press release: GAMCOTRAP EU NON-State Actors Project takes off at CRR North

Six District Chiefs and forty-four Alkalolu from Chamen, Kaur and Sami Pachonki Clusters were the target of a three days workshop held at Janjanbureh, Central River Region.     At the end of the training, the participants unanimously agreed that FGM, Early and Forced marriages must stop and they pledged to give feedback to their respective communities and intensify community mobilization against these harmful traditional practices.  The participants called on Religious leaders to take leadership in the campaign against Female Genital Mutilation and clear misconceptions about the practice and Islam. 

New soldiers to keep Gambia’s fag high

GAF Intake 31 on parade (pix - statehouse.gm)
Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh has urged the latest military intake to keep the country’s flag high by living up to expectation.
During a graduation ceremony held for 540 new intakes (31A and B) of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) at the July 22nd Square in Banjul, the President called on the military personnel to maintain discipline at all times and to help any citizen who may need their services.
He proclaims that the GAF will not only be the best in Africa and but one of the best in the world that it can stand any army. He told new recruits that they have chosen a noble profession; a profession that only God the Almighty can reward, because no government in the world would be able to pay soldiers for their true work.

Unfinished briefs hold back rights activists trial

Dr. Touray - Executive Director GAMCOTRAP

Mrs. Bojang-Sissoho - Program Manager GGAMCOTRAP
The unfinished preparation of written briefs by the prosecution and the defence has delayed the proceeding of the trial of women rights activists, Dr. Isatou Touray and Amie Bojang Sissoho.
The Executive Director and the Programme Manager of the Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children (GAMCOTRAP) are standing trial on one count of theft.
They have since denied any wrong doing.
On 13th May, 2011 at the Banjul Magistrate Court presided by Magistrate Alagbe Taiwo Ade, the case was not mentioned in court, though the accused persons were present.
However, defence counsel Ebrima Jah told our reporter that the prosecution and the defence have agreed to adjourn the case on the grounds that the briefs are not yet ready to be adopted.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Doubts raised over WHO’s ‘exclusive breastfeeding’ advice

A breastfeeding mother
The world health organisation, WHO in 2001 setout a recommendation on infant feeding, describing breastfeeding as an unequalled way of providing ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants, and an integral part of the reproductive process with important implications for the health of mothers.
“As a global public health recommendation, infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life to achieve optimal growth, development and health,” the world health body said.
It added: “Thereafter, to meet their evolving nutritional requirements, infants should receive nutritionally adequate and safe complementary foods while breastfeeding continues for up to two years of age or beyond.”
However, the WHO had some reservations on exclusive breastfeeding in instances where a few medical conditions exist, but added that unrestricted exclusive breastfeeding results in ample milk production as well.

West Coast Radio Journalist to be exonerated if…

BB Baldeh
Bakary B. Baldeh, a sports producer and presenter for West Coast Radio (WCR), a privately-owned FM station in Banjul is likely to be exonerated of a criminal charge brought against him by the police provided that the defence succeeds in their application.
Senior defence counsel Pap Cheyassin Secka had applied to the Kanifing Municipal Court to struck-out Count One “Conspiracy to Commit Felony” during the previous sitting on April 28.
The count is the only charge that the WCR journalist is standing trial on after count two “Incitement to Violence” was expunged by the court on March 31 after counsel Secka argued that the charge is not known to law.

Crimes against African journalists remain unpunished

FAJ workshop Addis Ababa, Sept. 2-3. 2010
The President of the Federation of African Journalists, FAJ Omar Faruk Osman has exhorted Members States of African Commission to make the safety and protection of African journalists a top priority, especially in armed conflicts.
Faruk, the representative of Eastern Africa Journalist Association (EAJA) was presenting a paper on the “safety and protection of African Journalists” at the 49th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Banjul on May 6, 2011.

Your vote is your voice

Voter Registration Center, Barthez - Serrekunda
But some people are having none of that
The electorate in any country has a critical stake as to who should take charge of the presidency, become a parliamentarian, a mayor, or councilor when it comes to the conduct of polls.
The Independent Electoral Commission, IEC in Banjul kick-started a countrywide voter-registration exercise on May 5, 2011, however, as our court reporter, Sulayman Ceesay went out and about to talk to common Gambians on the on-going process, he comes across some who said they are “just tired of voting”.
Hence they will neither register nor vote in the upcoming cycle of elections.

Protection of human rights no longer a ‘half-hearted’ business

Pix by AfCHPR
The Vice President of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights Honorable Justice Sophia A.B Akuffo has said that the success of the Court as a human rights protection mechanism would require a 100 percent ratification of the Protocol by Member States.
Speaking at the 49th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Right in Banjul, The Gambia, he said this will require their acceptance of the competence of the Court by making the Declaration under Article 34(6).

Bambo Enterprise donates T-shirts to The Voice

A household material shop on number 32 Sayerr Jobe Avenue, Serrekunda, Bambo Enterprise has donated T-shirts to The Voice, a privately-owned newspaper on Tuesday May 10, 2011.
The t-shirts bears on the front, the inscription “The biggest threat to freedom is the absence of criticism” and the logo of the paper and its tag “Published for all, in the interest of all”, while the back is written “Bambo Enterprise”.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Afirca News Round-Up

PAP Debates Current Situation in Africa
APO - The second sitting of the Fourth Ordinary Session of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) took place today with Hon. Marwick Khumalo, Chairperson of the PAP Committee on Cooperation, International Relations and Conflict Resolution presenting a report on the current situation in Africa.

SJAG announces 2010 National Sport Awards

SJAG 1st VP & SG Awards Committee, Amadou Manga
The Sport Journalists Association of The Gambia (SJAG) has announced that it has opened nominations to its members for the 2010 National Sports Awards.
“I would like to thank you for your time and commitment in helping to determine the nominees for the 2009 National Sports Journalists Award. Once again I would like to inform you that the new date for the SJAG Sports Awards 2010 is on the 2 July 2011,” the Secretary of the Awards Committee Amadou Manga said.  

Used-clothing seller blames importers for low earnings

A retailer of second-hand clothing at the Serrekunda Market, Muhammed Tunkara of late has been recording low sale and profits, but he believes the importers are to blame for his financial shortfall.
However, an importer has since denied any wrong doing.
Speaking to this reporter on Monday, Mr. Tunkara, a native of Baddibou Marong Kunda alleges that importers of used-clothing do condition them to buying unwanted goods.

Badjie’s cross-examination continues

Badjie - AKA- "Jesus"
On May 11, 2011, the prosecution proceeded with the cross-examination of the erstwhile Inspector General of Police Ensa Badjie, who is being tried on charges of robbers amongst others.
Badjie told the Special Criminal Division of the High Court in Banjul, presided by Justice Joseph Ikpala, that Landing Bojang, the 9th prosecution witness testified against him because he was angry with him after he was promoted to a post higher than that of Bojang.
Soriba Condeh, 1st prosecution witness among others also testify against me because I investigated their case and they where convicted, Badjie added. When the prosecution out to him that he had a problem with Landing Bojang because he (Badjie) was a robber in police uniform, he debunk the prosecution’s stance.

Counsel’s late appearance retards GNOC Trial

Beatrice Allen
A late appearance by defence counsel Ida Drammeh resulted to non-procedure of the trial of three top officials of The Gambia National Olympic Committee on 9th May, 2011 at Kanifing Municipal Court presided by Magistrate Sheriff B. Tabally.
Beatrice Allen, 1st Vice President, Mustapha Wadda, Treasurer and Muhammed Janneh, Accountant of the GNOC are standing trial on one count of theft. A charge they have since denied.
When the case was called, the trial Magistrate Sheriff B. Tabally told the court that defence counsel Drammeh has called to inform him that she was on her way.
The magistrate said Drammeh applied for short stand down; however, the Prosecutor Inspector Mballow told the court that he cannot wait as he has a workshop to attend. The case is adjourned till 18th May, 2011.