Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SOS Celebrates 60 Years Worldwide

“Gmeiner’s Effort Is Humanitarian”

VOL:1 ISSN:28 SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia joined the worldwide family of SOS in celebrating 60 years of “Taking Actions for us, me, my brothers and my sisters” all over the World.
The celebration was held on Saturday 19th December, 2009 at Jarma Hall in Kairaba Beach Hotel, with the theme “Sing & Dance with the Children of the World”.
The initiative of establishing children villages around the world is the brainchild of Dr. Hermann Gmeiner in 1949, in Inst Austria, as an independent non-governmental social development organisation. Gmeiner’s idea is based on respect for varying religions and cultures in various countries and communities where the mission will promote and contribute to realisation of the Rights of the Child.

In her opening Remarks, Binta Ndola, a Student of the Village (SOS) said it is a blessing to be chosen for this task and for having the people of the world to share this day and moment.
Ndola explained that the celebration was geared towards raising funds to build a Multipurpose Centre at the village, where they can spent quality time in recreational and educational activities, while giving their mothers some well earned rest from their normal and expected little cunning tricks that sometimes make them raise their eyes to the ceiling and shake their heads in loving despair.
She said they also hope that they will be able to trick them into joining them in there centre where they will teach them how to use computers. “This would be a dream come true to have such a place our village,” Binta said.
She also noted that part of the proceeds will be used to build a security wall at the back of their schools and the Youth Village to replace the fences that are completely destroyed by what she called ill intentioned people, who have made big and frightening holes in them. She said that they are sad to see those big holes in the fence, while noting that the Acting National Director of the Village has made them to understand that a lot of money will be required to build the 493 meter long wall.
The Speaker of the National Assembly, Elizabeth Reiner, who spoke on behalf of First Lady, Zinab Yahya Jammeh, was impressive with the talents she saw in children and thanked the SOS mothers and authorities a job well done.
Hon. Speaker pointed out that the celebration is not meant for fundraising only, but to develop the village, in order to protect and provide security for the children.
She appealed to the public, institutions (public or private) to come forward and help the SOS children and the village, as they are the future leaders.
According to her, National Assembly Members will work harder in urging the government to improve the school, the village as well as improve the welfare of children. Personally, she gave D2000 to the village and D5000 from National Assembly Members as part of their contribution to the development of the village.
The Qcell Representative, Modou Jallow said his Company being the main sponsor of the programme is not a waste, but rather worthy for that fact that spending on children is an investment.
“The children deserve to live in an enabling environment and be protected from any form of violence,” he said. He also hailed SOS for their humanitarian gesture in providing the children with basic necessities.

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