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Account of My Trip To Accra, Ghana

L-R: The Author (Modou S. Joof, news editor, The Voice newspaper); Mamadou Edrisa Njie, senior reporter, News & Report Magazine; and Amie Sanneh, senior reporter, Foroyaa newspaper at the Banjul International Airport Terminal before departure.

In and Out of African Insurance Organisation

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Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The African Insurance Organisation (AIO) is one continental body that has had since its inception members withdrawing, reinstated, suspended as well as new members coming in on an annual basis.

The AIO recently concluded its 37th Annual Conference and General Assembly from 22nd to 26th May 2010 in Banjul and it was revealed in its report that Morocco’s Compagnie d’assurances et de Reassurances, ES-SAADA and United Kingdom’s Mediterranean Insurance and Reinsurance Company
has withdrawn their membership of the AIO.

Lt. General Tamba ‘not related’ to Ebrima Marreh

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Says Rui’s Allegation is total Fabrication

                                                Erstwhile Army Chief, Lt. General Tamba 

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Lt. General Lang Tombong Tamba has told the Court that he is not related to Ebrima Marreh (PW1) in his continuation of testimony.

Tamba said after giving money to Ebrima for his tuition fees, Marreh returned to see him on another day at his residence in Kololi, but he (Tamba) did not close from work at the time and soldiers on guard never let into the compound.

IAG President on 37th AIO Annual Conference

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Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The President of the Insurance Association of The Gambia (IAG) has said that the 37th AI O Annual Conference and General Assembly offered members an opportunity to inherit, discuss and engender innovative ideas and approaches to facilitate the development of the industry.

Africa Insurance Organisation (AIO) recently concluded a five-day conference in Banjul, The Gambia, where more than five hundred delegates drawn from state owned insurance companies, broking firms, insurance supervisory authorities and training centres in Africa, including associate international members attended from 22nd to 26th May 2010.

Senior Scorpions Arrives in Germany to Face Mexico

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Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The Senior Scorpions of The Gambia are reportedly camped in the Arvena Kongress Hotel in the German Community of Bayreuth to face South American giants, Mexico in a friendly encounter scheduled to take place in Germany on 30th May 2010.

As GRTS Dodou Bojang reports from Bayreuth, Coach Paul put and his lads on Friday 28th May 2010 settled down in the Arvena Kongress Hotel in the German Community of Bayreuth, which is three hours from Munchen Airport.

Ensa Badjie and Co. Deny Charges of Corruption, Robbery…

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Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The firmer Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ensa Badjie, CSP Ali Ceesay, Prison Officers Kemeseng Colley and Ismaila Colley have denied charges leveled against them by the state when they take their plea at the High Court in Banjul.

Badjie and Co are facing 22 charges of robbery, conspiracy to commit felony, received stolen properties, robbery with violence, aiding and abetting, official corruption, deceiving witness, offence relating to judicial proceedings and conspiracy to commit misdemeanor.

Gansou: Governments Lacks Commitment on Human Right

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Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The Chairperson of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Right has stated that human rights issue remains a challenge in Africa due to lack of commitment by individuals and State Parties.

Commissioner Reine Alapina Gansou was speaking to journalists at a press conference at the end of the 47th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Banjul, on Wednesday 26th May 2010.

“Collective effort is needed for Africa to emerge from this situation,” she said while calling for the cooperation of African governments on the work of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Right (ACPHR).

When Rights Advocates Become Violators

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Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) Often we hear powerful nations pointing accusing fingers to governments, especially African of having poor human rights records, lacking democracy and the rule of law.

That can sound quite ironical when some of these so-called big nations are in fact to an extent undemocratic, lacks good foreign policies and can violate peoples’ rights or commit atrocities and go scot free.

However, we are not calling on African governments to continue violating the rights of their people, lacking rule of law, lacking good governance and lacking good management of national resources.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amnesty's Report Condemns 'Politicisation of Justice'

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) Amnesty International has criticised the "politicisation of international justice" in its annual report, which documents torture in 111 countries.

African Charter is Manifesto for a Better Developed Africa

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The African Charter is our manifesto for a better developed Africa; it calls for a shared commitment to Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and integral process in our region, said Gambian Solicitor General Awa Bah.

“Africa is blessed with diverse ecology and abundance of wealth, but the wealth of our natural resources is yet to benefit the African populace the proceeds generated from our natural proceeds is
beneficial to transnational corporation, rebels, and corrupt governments, resulting to marginalization of pastoral groups and unlawful evictees which has impoverished Africa,” she stated.

Lieutenant General Tamba Remains Firm On His Defence

Says the Idea of Coup Plot is Totally Untrue

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The first accused person, Lt. General Lang Tombong Tamba on Monday 24th May 2010 continued his defence in the ongoing treason trial at the High Court in Banjul, The Gambia.

General Tamba and seven others are facing three Counts of treason, charges they denied since taking their plea two months ago. The former Chief Defence Staff (CDS) opened his defence after the Court over-ruled the defence council’s ‘no case to answer submission’.

He told the Court that between January 2009 to September 2009, he did received telephone calls from the second accused, Brigadier General Omar Bun Mbye, third accused, Major Lamin Bo Badjie, fifth accused, former deputy police chief Modou Gaye, seventh accused, Abdoulie Joof alias Lie Joof and eight accused Youssef Ezziddine, a Lebanese-Gambian Businessman.

Minister Calls for Renewed Spirit of Pan-Africanism

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The Minister for Trade Regional Integration and Employment has said that in our efforts to confront the problems of African integration, there is a need for a
renewed spirit of pan-Africanism.
Honorable Abdou Colley was speaking on the occasion of celebrations marking Africa Liberation Day on 25th May 2010 at the Buffer Zone in Tallinding. He calls for a new orientation towards strong political leadership and good governance in Africa, saying the ideals of pan-Africanism cannot be achieved
without serious commitment to conflict resolution, peace building, public accountability and consolidation of democracy and rule of law through out the continent.

ATA Proud to Partner with Gambia on Hallmark Event

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The Africa Travel Association (ATA), having concluded its 35th Annual
Congress in Banjul has noted that it is proud to partner with The Gambia on what it called a ‘hallmark event.
The association, founded in 1975 is the premier travel trade organization promoting travel and tourism to Africa and strengthening intra-Africa partnership. Its membership includes governments, tourism boards, travel professionals, airlines, hoteliers, businesses, travel trade media, academic institutions, and public
relation firms, consulting companies and non-profit organizations.

ATA Delegates Foresee Gambia’s Great Tourism Potential

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) Delegates from across the Continent who attended the recently concluded 35th Annual Congress of Africa Travel Association (ATA) has recognised The Gambia as a great potential for harnessing the untapped tourism market.

Some of the delegates who spoke to The Voice Newspaper in Banjul noted that they have drawn lessons from The Gambia and believe that the country can be a model in Africa’s tourism industry, with specific regards to the pace at which the industry is developing.

Paralympic Exhibition Underway In Farafenni

·         Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The Gambia National Paralympics Committee on Tuesday morning in Farafenni NBR commence their sports exhibitions with the first event of the day featuring a one kilometer wheelchair race from AFPRC Hospital gate to the Farafenni multipurpose youth center.
·         The delegated reporter of the Sports Journalists Association of The Gambia (SJAG) Musa Fatty of Sports Digest said six contestants took part in the race and Salifu Kujabi came in first position; follow by Malang Tamba and Demba Jarjue in second and third position respectively.

EPMDP Integral In Poverty Reduction Strategy

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The Entrepreneurship Promotion and Micro Finance Development Project (EPMDP) is an integral part of the government’s poverty reduction strategy programme, the Director of Loans and Debt Management Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs said.
“It provides support to various activities ranging from fisheries, rice production, livestock, skills training, entrepreneurship development and provision of micro financing to women and youths,” Mr. Mod Ceesay said at the customized training for EPMDP and Social Development Fund (SDF) staff at the Kairaba Beach Hotel on Monday 24th May 2010. According to him, the project is an employment creation initiative for the poor and helps alleviates poverty and improve their lives thereby contributing towards the welfare of Gambians.

Gambia Host 37th AIO Conference and General Assembly

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The 37th Africa Insurance Organisation (AIO) Annual Conference and General Assembly hosted by the Insurance Association of The Gambia and Central Bank was held in
Banjul, The Gambia from 22nd to 26th May 2010.
The event which was officially opened on Monday 24th May brought together more than 500 delegates drawn from state owned insurance companies, broking firms, insurance supervisory authorities and training centres in Africa, including associate international members.
The main objectives of AIO are the promotion of inter-African co-operation and development of a healthy insurance and reinsurance industry in Africa, and the theme for this year’s Conference is ‘Survival of the African Insurance Industry in the Face of Global Financial Crisis”

British Politicians’ Calls for Press Freedom in Gambia

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) Politicians in Scotland have added their voices to calls for the enforcement of press freedom and human rights in The Gambia.
At the all-party gathering held by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Glasgow, Scotland politicians pledged their support for press freedom and human rights in The Gambia.
The aim of the meeting was for members of the National Union of Journalists to question the general election candidates on media, press freedom and trade unions rights and on the future of Scotland's creative industries and broadcasting developments.

Interior awarded three points, in Clash of Colours

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) Officials of the Organising Committee of The Gambia Football Association (GFA) have decided to award Interior FC three points and two goals after their game against Wallidan
FC was called-off.
The game was abandoned after both sides brought in blue jerseys for the First Division League match in Week 18 on Thursday at the Serrekunda East Mini-Stadium. The rules concerning the clash colour stated: “in an event of a colour clash involving, team A and B, then the B team has to change their colour failure of
which may result to a sanction that might be decided by the organising committee.” Therefore with Interior been team A, they have every right to maintain their Blue jersey.

Gambia’s Priority is to Qualify for CAN 2012

Posted by Modou S. Joof on May 26, 2010 at 4:34pm
Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The Technical Director of the Gambia Football Association (GFA) Momodou Kebba Ceesay said in an interview with that the country is focused on qualifying for 2012 Nations Cup.
The GFA's Technical Director also harps on issues on the world’s most popular sport and the chances of African teams at the World Cup in South Africa 2010.
The Gambia has never made it to the Continent’s biggest tournament and the GFA Technical Director believes the country making her debut to the Africa Nations Cup is the focus. Read on….

Amnesty Presses Ellen To Accelerate Establishment Of Right Commission

by sengbeh -

Monrovia, Liberia (TNBES) President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia should demonstrate leadership in accelerating the establishment of the country’s Independent National Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International said in a joint letter to the president Wednesday, May 19, 2010.

The 2003 Accra Peace Agreement, which brought Liberia’s years of armed conflict to an end, called upon the Liberian government to create an Independent National Human Rights Commission, and in 2005, the
Independent National Commission on Human Rights Act was passed into law. Yet five years on, the government and parliament still have not established a human rights commission in Liberia, a statement issued

UDP Calls on ACHPR Commissioners to Visit Gambia’s Court System

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The leader of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, has called on Commissioners of the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR) attending the 47th Ordinary Session of ACHPR in Banjul to visit Gambia’s Courts to get first hand
information regarding what he called the inhuman treatment to accused persons by the Courts.

Gambia’s Courts, which are set-up to be independent, are masterminded by inhuman treatment to accused person,” Darboe said on 15th May 2010 when addressing supporters at UDP’s first political gathering since the arrest, trial and conviction of the party campaign manager Femi Peters to one year
imprisonment by the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court.

20th Century Tools No Longer Applicable In Modern Tourism

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The Minister for Tourism and Culture Fatou Mass Jobe-Njie hopes that participants at the 35th Annual Congress of Africa Travel Association (ATA) will engage each other to fulfill
the African Dream and bear in mind the stark realisation that strategies and  tools of the 20th century can no longer be applied to fully harness the potentials and opportunities of tourism in the 21st century.

Mrs. Jobe-Njie was addressing more than 200 travel experts and industry professionals, including tourism ministers, tourism heads, travel agents, tour operators  (specialized in Africa), airline representatives, travel trade media and hoteliers, hospitality, tourism and African studies faculty and students in
Banjul on 17th May 2010.

Treason Trial: Accused Persons Ordered to Open Defence

As No Case to Answer Submission Over-ruled
Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) Emmanuel Amadi the presiding judge of the treason trial involving Lang Tombong Tamba, Omar Bun Mbye, Lamin BO Badjie, Kawsu Camara, Modou Gaye, Gibril Ngorr Secka, Abdoulie Joof and Youssef Ezziddine (alias Rambo) on Monday 17th May, 2010 over rule defence counsels no case to answer submission which was filed last week.

Justice Amadi of the High Court in Banjul asked the accused persons to open their defence. The filing of the no case submission came after the prosecution closes their case on the sixteenth witness.

In his ruling, the judge said Tambedou, counsel for the first and fourth accused person’s submitted that there is no evidence to prove the case against the accused persons and that no reasonable evidence has been provided by the witnesses.

Defence Motion Over Rule, PW1 Opens Testimony

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) Emmanuel Amadi the presiding judge in the criminal trial involving Ex-IGP Ensa Badjie, Mam Matarr Secka and Major Kuluteh Manneh has over ruled the defence counsel’s application to strike-out some of  the charges against the accused person.

The High Court judge also ordered for the first Prosecution Witness (PW1) Sillah Ba Samateh, a businessmen reside in Brusubi to open his testimony. Testifying before the Court  on 14th May 2010, Sillah Ba Samateh said he new all accused persons and that he can remember the year 2009.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Details On Gambia-Iran Shattered Diplomatic Ties


Diplomatic relations between Banjul and Tehran has broken down and all Iranian nationals representing the interest of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in The Gambia have been asked to leave The Gambia within forty-eight (48) hours, according to a statement from Gambia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.

 “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and  Gambians  Abroad wishes to hereby notify the general public that the Government of the Republic of The Gambia has taken the decision to sever all diplomatic, economic, political, and social ties with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran effective 22nd November 2010.”

GAMBIA SEVERS TIES WITH IRAN,Gives 48 hours to Iranian diplomats to leave

The government of the Republic of The Gambia has severed all diplomatic, economic, political, and social ties with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran effective 22nd November 2010. The government has also ordered all Iranian diplomats to leave the country within 48 hours as stipulated through a notification that is issued to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This was contained in a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad.
The release reads:

Monday, November 22, 2010

More details on how journalist Darboe met his untimely death

GPA blamed for negligence
Late Lamin A Darboe Details emerging regarding the death of Foroyaa Newspaper reporter, Lamin Darboe, point a blaming finger to the Gambia Ports Authority. Sources who spoke to JollofNews accused the authorities at the Barra Ferry Terminal of negligence following Mr Darboes’ plunging into the river.
While parked at the Ferry Terminal in Barra, awaiting the departure of the Ferry, a ferry official asked Darboe to park his vehicle properly. Somehow he lost control and plunged into the river as he tried to negotiate his position on Ferry.
According to this source, every eye witness of the incident blame the Gambia Ports Authority officials for Darboes’ death for preventing voluntary rescuers who attempted to help the drowning man from doing so. The source alleged that the ferry officials ignored the fact that Darboe was struggling to save his life and told the volunteer rescuers to wait for the official rescuers from the Fire and Ambulance Services.
Effort to corroborate this with the GPA was futile.
Meanwhile, the body of the drowned sport journalist was recovered today.
"Darboe’s body was recovered from the sea today Sunday 21 November 2010 and taken to RVTH in Banjul for postmortem, but we may get the result tomorrow. And tomorrow might be the burial," a close friend of the deceased told JollofNews.