Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ghana’s President John Mills Dead

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The statement from the Presidency announcing the sad death

Professor John Evans Atta Mills, President of the Republic of Ghana, is dead.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Long route to uniting Africa through trade

Many African countries' main exports are raw goods like cocoa and cotton, not manufactured products  [EPA]

Greater African unity has long been a cherished but elusive goal. 

The recently completed 19th African Union Summit has again given a renewed impetus to establishing closer economic and political ties among the continent's 54 states, based on a heightened appreciation of the need for more intra-regional trade. Hence the theme for this year's summit: "Boosting Intra-African Trade".
The situation is disappointing: Intra-African trade has remained consistently low compared to its trade with other continents.
According to the United Nations' Economic Commission for Africa, more than 80 per cent of Africa's exports are destined for outside markets, with the European Union and the United States accounting for more than 50 per cent of this amount. Asia and China in particular, are also important export markets for African countries.

YJAG inaugurates new board of advisers

YJAG President, Mr. Modou S. Joof
The Young Journalists Association of the Gambia (YJAG) on July 19, 2012 inaugurated its newly selected six-member board of advisers at a ceremony held at the William Dixon Colley Memorial Hall at the Secretariat of the Gambia Press Union in Fajara. 
“The Board is meant to advise on fund raising activities, including identifying opportunities especially those most relevant to the focus areas of the Association,” YJAG President Mr. Modou S. Joof said on Thursday. “Act as a sounding board, that is, (listening to our ideas and opinions and tell whether they think they are good or not).”

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hissene Habre have been living in exile in Senegal for 20 years
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) on July 20 delivered a legally binding ruling that Senegal must begin proceedings to try former Chadian leader Hissene Habre without delay.

The Republic of Senegal, which has been dragging its feet on Habre’s case for 20 years, was sued by Belgium to the UN's highest court on March 12, 2012 to force it to bring Mr. Habre to trial for crimes against humanity or to extradite him to Belgium.

Monday, July 16, 2012

President Bill Clinton To Attend One Young World 2012


LONDON, July 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Summit will be held from October 18th – October 22nd.  It will be the first time the global event has been held in the United States.

More countries are represented at the annual One Young World Summit than any other global youth event other than the Olympics – 1,500 delegates representing over 190 countries will attend this year's event.




A new board of advisers for the Young Journalists Association of the Gambia (YJAG) will be inaugurated on Thursday, July 19 at a ceremony to be held at the new secretariat of the Gambia Press Union in Fajara.

The six-member board consists of Njundu Drammeh of Child Protection Alliance as the chairperson, a representative of the Female Lawyers Association, Mr. Sam Sarr of Foroyaa Newspaper, Mr. Emil Touray President of Gambia Press Union, Mr. Momodou Sabally of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, and Mrs. Amie Bojang-Sissoho of Gamcotrap former chairperson of the board, and YJAG President Mr. Modou S. Joof as secretary to the board.

Friday, July 13, 2012


We the media practitioners in The Gambia

Cognisant of our duty to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards in our work with and for children;

Aware of the significant role media practitioners can play in raising awareness on the rights and welfare of all children, particularly as enunciated in the 1997 Constitution of The Gambia and the Children’s Act 2005;

Mindful of the fact that the way the media portrays children can have a profound and sometimes devastating impact on children, on society’s perception and attitude towards children and how adults and others relate with or behave towards children;

West Africa’s anti-money laundering efforts in catch-22

Considerable efforts to deal with money laundering and terrorism financing (ML/TF) in West Africa at the national, regional and the international levels, have been inhibited by several challenges, according to the Inter-Governmental Action Group Against Money Laundering (GIABA).

These challenges include: legal and constitutional challenges; lack of proper autonomy of some regulatory and enforcement institutions, along with budgetary constraint; equipment and logistics problem; and absence of robust national ML/TF strategies.

It said where national AM/TF strategies exist, they are yet to be approved or implemented. The sub region is also challenged by non functional inter-ministerial committees to coordinate efforts at the national level and ensure synergy; and weak strategic and operational cooperation at the regional and international levels.

Gambia hopes to count on name as wrestling titan

Gambian local wrettlers in a competition in Brikama, West Coast Region
Gambia’s wrestling team currently taking part in the 5th Edition of ECOWAS wrestling championship will be hoping to bank on last year’s success when the country emerged third behind mighty Senegal and Nigeria.

Gambia Gov asked to tell how much money it made on sand mining

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PPP Leader, O.J accuses the Jammeh administration of corruption
Gambia Gov asked to tell how much money it made on sand mining

The Government of the Gambia should tell Gambians how much money it generates from its sand mining at Sanyang village, Kombo North District of the West Coast Region, says Mr. Omar Jallow (O.J), a former minister of agriculture in the first republic.

“Sand mining at Sanyang village is clouded in secrecy, it is not included in the budget and Gambians have the right to know how much containers are processed on a daily basis and the money generated yearly,” Mr. Jallow told The Voice newspaper  on July 11, 2012.  

Local journalists vow to expose child rights violations

Gambia Journalists' leaders (GPU)

Gambia: Proceeds of crime mainly derived from drug, corruption

GIABA DG launches 2011 Report in Dakar, Senegal
Although the Gambia is not a known money laundering (ML) hub in West Africa, the extent to which the prevalent predicate narcotic offences are related to money laundering is not clear. 

What is clear is that the proceeds of crime in the country are mainly derived from drug trafficking, bribery and corruption, the tourism industry, foreign exchange transactions, and other related acquisitive crimes.

Hunger-Stricken Farmers said: We need seeds and fertilizer

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NAMs warns of possible river transport disaster 

Dirty Streets: 14 businesses fined

Hunger-Stricken Farmers said: We need seeds and fertilizer
The effect of the Sahel drought

 Farmers in Lower Baddibou, North Bank Region and  of Jarra East, Lower River Region have told The Voice newspaper  this year’s farming season is the most difficult they ever lived.

“We lack everything that will make our work easy. Everything that will give us a good harvest - seeds, fertilizer, and even tools,” one farmer said.
“I cannot cultivate all my land because I did not have enough seeds. We were given government subsidized groundnut seeds but even that is very small,” said Mr. Ahamadou Jobe, Torroba village, who was speaking to this paper during a Gambia Red Cross food and fertilizer coupon distribution tohunger-stricken rural farmers.

Britain bids farewell to Gambia’s Olympians

Olympic Stadium
Gambia’s Olympians and Paralympians have been given a send-off on July 13, 2012 at reception hosted by the British High Commission (BHC) in the country. 
Gambia is due to partake in the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic competitions that are less than two weeks away. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Observer reporter released from detention

Sidiq Asemota
Sidiq Asemota, the senior legal correspondent of the Daily Observer newspaper, was yesterday July 11th 2012, freed by Justice Nkea at the Special Criminal Court in Banjul, after spending a night in the State CentralPrison following a court order made by the said judge.

When Asemota appeared at the court on Wednesday, he was asked about a story he wrote captioned “Two sentenced for forgery”. “Mr Sidiq Asemota, you are arrested by the order of this court dated July 9 2012 for your publication in the Daily Observer newspaper on the said date, in which you reported that two accused persons were arraigned in this court and pleaded guilty to an economic crime of D190, 000 and this court fined them to pay compensation of only D80, 000. Were you in court on that day?”

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gambian journalist imprisoned on contempt of court charges

Sidiq Asemota
 NEW YORK, July 12, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ — A Gambian judge ordered the arrest of a journalist Tuesday on contempt of court charges, the third instance of a journalist being detained on such charges in as many weeks, according to local journalists.

Police arrested Sidiq Asemota, the legal affairs correspondent of the pro-government Daily Observer, while he was on assignment at the High Court in Banjul, the capital, his employer reported. Judge Emmanuel Nkea of the Special Criminal Court had issued an arrest warrant for Asemota on Friday, news reports said.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Gambia: Missing journalist may never tell tale of woe

Gambian journalist missing since July 7, 2006

If only disappeared Gambian journalist, Ebrima B. Manneh “Chief” is still alive then he may have the chance to tell the world his tale of woe.

But with elaborate and stumped comments on his status quo and whereabouts ever since his disappearance on July 7, 2006, it is now feared that the young lad has a slim chance of telling the story about all the horrible things he must have been through six years on.

President Jammeh Removes Chief of Defence Lt. Gen. Kinteh

President Jammeh speaking to journalists in November 2011
Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh on Friday July 6 removed the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Lieutenant General Masaneh Kinteh and appoints his deputy Major Ousman Badjie as a replacement.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Burning to curb Gambia’s drug habit

Gambia's Drug Squad destroys illicit drugs/PHOTO: Modou S. Joof
Gambia’s National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) on Tuesday set ablaze 3 tonnes, 15 kilos and 47 grams of cannabis, 8 kilos and 2 grams of cocaine, and 20 grams of heroin. 

Held along the Old Cape Road on the outskirts of the Town of Bakau on July 3, 2012, the agency said the exercise is meant to show seriousness in the fight against illicit drugs.

Football: 20 down for Gambia in latest global ratings

Scorpions take Gambia dPown in world football ratings
Football’s world governing body, FIFA, has placed Gambia at 128th position in a July 4 global football ranking, compared to 108th in last month’s ratings – dropping 20 places down the lather.

Gambia prepares for ‘unforeseen’ oil disaster

Work of art depicting an oil spill/courtesy of Bush Dwellers
The Gambia is preparing for an unpredicted oil disaster as the National Disaster Management Agency, NDMA, on July 3, 2012 kick-started a four-day “National Oil Spill Contingency Plan Simulation Exercise.”

The exercise, ending today, is being held in collaboration with Global Initiative for West-and Central Africa (GI-WACAF), and International Petroleum Industry Environment Conservation Association (IPIECA).  

It attracted various sectors in the preservation of human and ecological environment, marine and petroleum industries. The organisers, NDMA, said the exercise is meant to building the capacity of the participants on the impact and challenges of oil spill, and to prepare and come up with a solid and efficient national oil spill contingency plan.

Independent NAM lambast APRC Government

Independent NAM lambast APRC Government

The independent national assembly member for Kombo Central Hon. Buba Ayi Sanneh has lambasted the ruling APRC for failing to honor the promise it made to the people of Kombo Central 17 years ago.

While contributing to the adjournment debate in the 2nd legislative session of 2012, Hon Sanneh said the present government promised to build the Dimbaya-Marakisa road network, but it is 17 years now and noting has happen.

Gambia plagued by drug abuse and trafficking

Cocaine bust, estimated to worth $1 billion, June 2010, Banjul.
The Youth Consortium for Progress (YCF) has said in recent years, Gambia has beenplagued by the twin menaces of drug abuse and drug trafficking. 
The YCF said this has particularly affected the youths, encouraging a lifestyle ofcrime and addiction. As a result, youths are increasingly unprepared to pursue legitimate career paths as they often drop out of school. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Amnesty wants world leaders to support ICC

For a decade now, the ICC has been pursuing justice for people who have suffered some of the most serious crimes imaginable.
© Amnesty International

On Sunday, the ICC celebrated a decade of pursuing justice for people who have fallen prey to some of the most serious crimes imaginable.

Gambia: Parliament Approves Anti-Graft Commission Bill

An anti-graft commission bill meant to punish crimes of official corruption has been passed into law by Gambia’s parliament on June 28, 2012.

The 40page “The Gambia Anti-Corruption Bill, 2012” provides for the setting up of an Anti-Corruption Commission that will hold a mandate of investigating and prosecuting crimes of corruption committed by Gambians within and outside the country.

Gambia Food Crisis: 14M to feed north and lower regions

The effect of the Sahel drought
The Gambia Red Cross Society, GRCS, Monday launch a food provision support to worth over D14 million meant to feed Gambians living in the rural North Bank and Lower River regions.

The initiative dubbed “Operation Food Security” will last for a period of four months.

The local humanitarian agency said it raised the money with support from partners, securing D4, 800,039.58 from DREF fund, and D9, 900,000 from Icelandic Red Cross.

Lawmakers Approve ECOWAS VAT Protocol, others

Speaker Abdoulie Bojang
 Lawmakers in the Gambian capital, Banjul on June 26, 2012 unanimously approve the three Bills: the ECOWAS Value Added Tax (VAT) Protocol, Amendments to the IMF Articles of Agreement, and the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF).

The three international legal instruments were tabled by the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Mr. Abdou Kolley, before the National Assembly in its Second Meeting of the 2012 Legislative Year. 

Speaking on the VAT, Mr. Kolley said the Authority of Heads of State and Government of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), signed the Value Added Tax (VAT) Protocol A/P2/7/96 in Abuja, Nigeria in July 1996.


Ethiopia: Conviction of journalist on terror charges is a miscarriage of justice

ARTICLE 19 is saddened by the conviction of 24 Ethiopians, including Eskinder Nega, a prominent journalist and blogger, who had been charged with conspiring with rebels to overthrow the government.