Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looming Food Crisis As Gambia Faces Total Crop Failure

A technical adviser of the Gambia Rice Expansion Project who is based at Si Kunda village in the Jarra district of the Lower River Region, said the improved rice variety, NERICA, has failed (Photo Credit: Modou S. Joof)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

What next for Gambian President Jammeh?

Yahya Jammeh has been reelected as president of the West African nation - now, will he try to become king?
Asked whether he would consider becoming king, Jammeh said: ‘I can’t decide what the Gambians want’ (EPA)

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

‘UDP rejects fraudulent’ presidential election results

UDP's Ousainou Darboe: 'we'll take appropriate action'
The Presidential Candidate of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Mr Lawyer Ousainou ANM Darboe has described the results of Thursday’s election in Gambia as “bogus” and says his party vehemently rejects it, while addressing his supporters at his residence along Kairaba Avenue, shortly after the incumbent was declared winner.

The Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission, Alhagie Mustapha L. Carayol declared Yahya AJJ Jammeh winner of the November 24 presidential elections.
Yahya AJJ Jammeh won 470, 550 votes (72%) of the total vote cast. While Ousainou ANM Darboe and Hamat NK Bah, the Independent Candidate backed by four parties known as the “United Front” bagged 114, 177 (17%) and 73, 060 (11%) of the popular votes.

Mr Darboe, did not want to speak to the press after the final result was announced, instead, his party issued a preliminary statement saying: “The UDP/GMC United Alliance vehemently and unconditionally rejects the results of the just concluded Presidential Elections as announced by the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission.” 

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

Gambia: It’s Yahya Jammeh Again

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh speaks to reporters as he leaves a polling station in Banjul November 24. (AFP)

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

Gambia: Views of parties’ on polling day

Voters dropped marbles into containers marked with the contestant's names [AFP]
Parties to Gambia’s 2011 presidential election gave their final views and comments on November 24, 2011 shortly after casting their votes, while the outcome of the results remain uncertain even when the incumbent was largely regarded favourite.

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Gambian president vilifies journalists in remarks

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh speaks to reporters as he leaves a polling station in Banjul November 24. (AFP)

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

Media bias helped Gambia's Jammeh win election: AU

(Reuters) - Gambian President Yahya Jammeh benefited from a strong media bias and greater financial resources than his rivals to secure a new five-year term in elections, the African Union said on Saturday.
Former military coup leader Jammeh scored a landslide 72 percent victory on Thursday to extend his 17 year-rule over the tiny West African country, criticised for alleged human rights abuses and press-muzzling.
"Although provision was made for equal access of all political parties and candidates to the public media, the actual coverage was strongly weighted in favour of the candidate of the ruling party," the AU observer mission concluded.

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The Gambia poll: Peaceful, but more reforms needed, say Commonwealth team

28 November 2011

A Commonwealth expert team which observed the 24 November 2011 elections in The Gambia has said that although the poll was conducted in a peaceful manner, more democratic reforms are needed to strengthen governance in the country.
The Chair of the team, former Nigerian foreign minister, Professor A. Bolaji Akinyemi, said in an Interim Statement on 28 November that: We commend political parties and the people of The Gambia for the peaceful manner in which the campaigns were generally held. We also commend the role of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for regulating the campaign under the Code on Election Campaign Ethics Order (made under section 92(1) of the Elections Act), and ensuring airtime on state media for all parties."
He however added that a short campaign period and advantage of incumbency as well as use of public resources by the government made the play ground unlevelled.
For the full statement on The Gambia election, click here.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

Darboe  says the office of the president must observe good manners
Jammeh says he will accept results if defeated
Voters dropped marbles into containers marked with the contestant's names [AFP]
“I was disappointed by the disgraceful and outrageous fabrication by the office of the President that my convoy attacked the ruling party APRC  supporters at a military check point at Camp Fenda . There could not be more fabrication than that,” lawyer Ousainou Darboe said on Thursday shortly after casting his ballot at a polling station at Fajara, while describing the election campaign as peaceful.

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

Gambians head to the polls

The West African country will vote for a president on November 24, and longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh is expected to win.
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has held the office since 1996 (EPA)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh sweep polls across Gambia

 Darboe dismiss the results

Yahya AJJ Jammeh, declared president-elect, Gambia
The Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Alhagie Mustapha L. Carayol 5PM Friday declared the Alliance for Partrotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) Candidate, Yahya AJJ Jammeh (incumbent) - the winner of Thursday's (November 24, presidential elections). Jammeh received 470, 550 votes, (72 percent) of the total votes. His challengers, Mr Ousainou Darboe, United Democratic Party (UDP) Candidate, and Mr Hamat NK Bah, Independent Candidate get 114, 177 (17 percent) and  73, 060 (11 percent) of the total votes cast, according toe the IEC.

However, Mr Darboe moved quickly to dismiss the results and called it “bogus” and also stressed that his party will not accept them. He was addressing his party supporters at his residence along Kairaba Avenue, Kanifing Municipality immediately after the final results was announced.

On the eve of the election, the sub-regional economic bloc, ECOWAS said its fact finding mission finds that the election process will not be free and fair. It says the opposition was cowed and intimidated and that there is a "climate of fear" and the political environment does not meet minimum standards..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Women-rights: 16 days of activism to eliminate violence against women

United Nations Press release
23 November 2011

In August 2011, men and boys aged 18 to 25 were invited by the UNiTE campaign to use their creativity and imagination to create designs that Say NO to violence against women and girls and embody equality and respect.

The T-shirt design competition reached out to young men throughout the world to help end violence against women and girl. Thirty-four regional and global judges have selected the five top designs, one each from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North Africa. The winning entries will be announced on 23 November 2011 in New York.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

African Union election observer mission to Banjul brief media
Dr. Azu'u heads AU observer mission to Gambia
The African Union (AU) election observer mission to Banjul has told journalists at a press briefing on Tuesday that they are in Gambia following an invitation extended to it by Government of The Gambia and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

The H. E. Jean Ping (Chairperson of the African Union Commission) - appointed observer team to monitor Gambia’s presidential election of November 24, is headed by Dr. Fonkam Samuel Azu’u, Chairman the Independent Electoral Commission Cameroon (ELECAM).  
Dr Azu’u said members his team include Pan African Parliamentarians, Experts from Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) and leaders of civil society organizations (CSOs) from Benin, Cameroon, Kenya Mauritania, Niger, Swaziland, Uganda and Zimbabwe. 

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

Gambia’s electoral commission briefs observer missions and diplomats
IEC Chair, Carayol (pix:iec)
The Gambia Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), headed by Alhagi Mustapha L. Carayol on Tuesday brief both local and international election observer missions and Diplomats to the Gambia on its preparedness for the conduct of the November 24, 2011 presidential elections.
The Commonwealth, African Union (AU), and the European Union are among international observer mission accredited to monitor the election.
Speaking at a local hotel, Mr Carayol, the IEC Chairman noted that IEC was established under Chapter 5, Section 42 of the Constitution of the Republic of The Gambia, and it is mandated under the Constitution and the Electoral laws to register political parties, conduct and supervise the registration of voters for all public elections and referenda.

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

Aminata Hydara, NYP Speaker
NYP/Peace Ambassadors to observe Gambia presidential election
The National Youth Parliament (NYP) and Peace Ambassadors-The Gambia (formally of Youth Ambassadors of Peace) has announced on Tuesday that they will jointly observe the 2011 presidential election.
The two youth organisation said they will deploy their observer team in all seven administrative regions of The Gambia on Thursday and will submit a drafted report to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) within 24 hours, with a final report due on 26 November. 

A journalist's guide to verifying info on the web

(ijnet) When a frustrated computer programmer created a fake website and press release about a study showing Internet Explorer users are not as smart as people who used other browsers, major media organizations fell for the hoax.