Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Investigations into Zonal Final Stand-off

“Bakau-Serrekunda East Final Was Marred By Fans Violence”

Banjul, The Gambia (TNBES) The Special Task Force set by The Gambia Football Association (GFA) to look into the incidents that marred the final of the 2009 Muhammed Yahya Jammeh’s Perpetual Tournament between Bakau and Serrekunda East, has been investigating the reports since last week.
The seven-man committee has been holding daily meetings to look into every detail surrounding the impasse.
Speaking at the inaugural meeting last week, the Secretary General of The GFA, Mr. Jammeh E.K. Bojang, recalled the incidents that marred the Zonal Final between Bakau and Serrekunda East on Sunday December 13th 2009.
He pointed out that it is in view of what he called an unfortunate spectacle and the impasse that resulted for the determination of the problem and of an official result of the match that the GFA has found it necessary to summon a special task force.
“In doing so, The GFA places all reliance on the quality of the committee having regards to its individual and collective competence that an excellent job would be done and a report submitted within the shortest possible time,” he said.
He cited that the committee’s terms are to; investigate the overall organization of the final match of the tournament; to conduct a post mortem on the behavior of teams officials and supporters; analyze the comportment of the match officials; and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on appropriate measures to take in resolving the impasse.
On his part, the Chairman of the Task Force Committee, Mr. Cherno B. Touray gave assurance to the GFA that the committee would do everything within its power to get to the bottom of the said incident and to make appropriate recommendations for the consideration of The GFA.
He called the assignment a national responsibility and thus the need for the committee to work with utmost diligence and sincerity to uphold the confidence reposed in them and to help revolved the impasse to the satisfaction of this appointed and appalled public.
Mr. Touray, a retired Diplomat and former Director of Youth and Sports, noted that in a fine discipline such as sports where good organization and personal discipline are fundamental pre-requisite. “It is shameful that such a prestigious and high profile tournament with all its good intension should be allowed to deteriorate to such an ugly spectacle as was witnessed the previous week at the Serrekunda West Mini Stadium,” he said.
While accepting his mandate as Chairman, he noted his impressions with the committee members and urged for the need for care and tact in the handling of the matter, which he described as ‘delicate and sensitive’.
“This important fact should be borne in mind throughout deliberations having regards to what is at stake for the future of the tournament and the development of the game of football in this country,” he said.
He said that winning in sports should be seen as an honor and not a duty, and in that we should not allow violence to continue like a real cancer that undermines the game’s overriding objectives of development, friendship and fair play.
The committee then decided to request for the following reports for their investigations; referee’s report; Match co-coordinator’s report; Match commissioner’s report; Gambia Television video footage of the match; Minutes of the organizing committee before/after the match; Media reports; and Correspondents between the GFA and the tournament sponsor.VOL:2 ISSN:6

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