Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gambia Gov’t Reiterates Confidence in Accused Corrupt Vice Chancellor

UTG Vice Chancellor, Prof Kah
The Gambia government has reaffirmed guaranteed trust and confidence in the Vice Chancellor of the University of The Gambia, Professor Muhammadou O. Kah, who was accused of being corrupt by spending moneys of the university lavishly on travel cost and per diem, and appointing mainly his relatives into the university.

In a joint press release published on Monday, the Gambia government through the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology in collaboration with the governing council of the University of the Gambia reaffirm their full confidence and trust in the vice chancellor and promised to continue to give him and his staff all the necessary support needed to strengthen and develop the university.

This came amidst widespread speculation that Prof. Kah will be fired, following the publication of the findings of the Gambia National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) investigative panel which portrait the professor to be corrupt and also earning a salary which is “outrageous” for a developing university, like that of the Gambia, to sustain.

According to the joint press release, the Ministry of Higher Education Research Science and technology, and the Governing Council at UTG, which Prof Kah is said to have “gross disregard for”, regret the unfortunate circumstance in which the University and the vice chancellor, in particular have been dragged.

“Gambians are reminded that actions aimed at frustrating the efforts of the UTG leadership amounts to not only undermining the institution around which rests the development of the country’s human resource base, but also thwarting the transformation of this young institution into a world class university,” it stated.

The release further continue:  “It must be borne in mind that, through the UTG, Government has registered significant measures in addressing the perennial capacity and competency gaps that plagued both the private and public sectors for many years before. Graduates of the UTG are now widely functional in all walks of life and sectors, holding key positions and contributing effectively to the development of the nation to the pride of all genuine Gambians, they excel in the world of work and in academic pursuits in other universities abroad. These are laudable achievements and should be appreciated.

“In the light of the aforementioned, and in the interest of the multitude of young Gambians who will continue to aspire for quality university education, it is important that the UTG leadership and staff are not distracted, but supported to pursue the lofty goals, objectives and standards set for them.”

Source: Gambia News Online

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