Friday, April 15, 2011

SDF trains stakeholders on micro-finance best practices

The Social Development Fund (SDF) is holding a three-day course for stakeholders on micro-finance best practices, from April 13-15, 2011 at the Paradise Suites Hotel in Kololi, The Gambia.
The course is initiated under its Entrepreneurship Promotion and Microfinance Development Project (EPMDP). The course is aim at equipping participants on the knowledge and skill required in various small and medium microfinance programmes.
In his keynote address, the SD Fund Manager Mr. Sonko Fofana, said the training workshop comes as part of a consultancy assignment on the assessment of the country’s microfinance sector and the delivery of specific capacity building interventions.
He said training is also facilitated by MEDA, a Canadian Firm known globally for its extensive expertise in all areas of microfinance operations and institutional development.
“The objective of this workshop is to further enhance the skill and expertise of practitioners in key areas of microfinance operations in The Gambia, such as portfolio and delinquency management, interest rate setting, and pricing; as a basis for an efficient and effective service delivery,” Mr. Fofana.
This, he said would be useful in reinforcing the capacities and qualities of microfinance delivery in this country.
The Chairman of the SDF Board Mr. G.W. L. Thomas noted that the current project being handled by SDF, the dual axes of which are Entrepreneurship Promotion and Microfinance Development Project (EPMDP) afforest the opportunity to further equip the human resource at their disposal.
However, he said it is incumbent to take full advantage of the resources and opportunities ahead, when they are about to embark on any development aspiration. “With the knowledge and experience gain over the years in the field of microfinance, it will significantly give efficient and effective strategies that would come to the aid in contending with the daunting but insurmountable task of poverty alleviation. Source – The Voice

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