Thursday, April 28, 2011

Media brief on 2011 polio immunization campaign

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The Health Education Unit (HEU) at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare on Tuesday 26th April announces that the second round of vaccination against polio is slated for April 29 and May 2.
During the briefing held at the Kanifing Municipal Council, the Unit’s Programme Manager Mr. Yerro Bah said the country wide campaign targets up to 391, 425 children.
So far, he said The Gambia has achieved 74 percent on polio vaccination. This, he said is owed to the vigorous media awareness creation rendered to communities.
“The role of the media is important as far information dissemination is concern on the polio campaign in this country,” he said, while noting that the campaign against polio is also targeted to reach out to children under 5 years old.

Lamin Ceesay, the Communications Officer Ministry of Health and Social Welfare reiterated Mr. Bah’s position but added that  they will also be using additional components (vitamin A and the warming table), which has not been used before.
He said this is part of increased efforts geared towards preventing polio in the country.
He said the Vitamin A has two categories, that is, the Red and Blue capsule and the red capsule which involve 200,000 international units meant for children below six years of age. The blue capsule has 100, 000 international units and is meant for children from one year and below.
He also explained that the warming table is meant for pregnant women and children from the age of six. He exhorts the public to ensure that their children are vaccinated against the disease.
When she took her turn, Rohey Njie-Saidykhan, a Health Promotion Officer noted that they’ve always tried to urge people to maintain good hygiene and environmental sanitation, which she described as “very important”.
The Gambia has since been certified as polio-free-country, but the prevalence of the disease within the region and sub-region means the authorities cannot rest on their laurels.Source - The Voice

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