Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GSM Companies asked to register mobile phone users

President Jammeh
Gambia’s President, His Excellency Yahya Jammeh has urged all Mobile Telephony Companies in the country to take details of all sim card users in the country and warns that his government will not hesitate to revoke licenses of operators that failed to comply.
President Jammeh was speaking on State TV, GRTS in midweek at State House in the Gambian capital, Banjul during a meeting with various heads of the security services.
April 15, has already set for the deadline, however, what has not been made clear is the time frame given to GSM operators to meet the deadline.
According to him, the directive is meant to step up the security situation of the country, which he said GSM companies should not help to jeopardize. He also urged the Ministry of Communications to take note with regards to compliance and non-compliance by Mobile telephony companies.

According to him, the State House will have a complaints line that members of the public can call to lodge their complaints with regards to issues affecting them, but he warns that people should not give false information in the process, because if they do and are caught, they will be in trouble.
He also criticizes various security units for corrupt practices while executing their duties.   
For this reason, he said as of May 1, 2011 all security officers will have a number and a name card on them.
And in the process of performing their duties and they are found wanting of illegal activities, people can report them to the relevant authorities by giving their names or numbers. Source - The Voice

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