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Saikou Jammeh, Editor-The Daily News
 The Editor Speaks
The Daily News, a privately owned newspaper in Banjul, The Gambia on April 6, 2011 observed its two year anniversary at its premises at No. 65 Kombo Sillah Drive, Churchill’s Town, Serrekunda.
The independent tri-weekly newspaper publishes in print and online and ever since its inception, it has fiercely guarded the values of free enterprise, anchored on social justice and democracy.
Accordind to its Editor-In-Chief, Saikou Jammeh, their uncompromising commitment to journalistic integrity has seen the paper grow into a powerful voice bringing to the public and the world the untold stories of the country and beyond.
The paper also has a principle of not granting blanket anonimity to sources...... The Editor Speaks....

All protocols observed  

We take this opportunity to thank all those who congratulated us on our second year anniversary as a paper, by way of joining us here to celebrate.
Our special thanks and appreciation to Mr Swaebou Conate and Bijou Peters who accepted our offer deliver topics.
The Daily News is an independent private Gambian tri-weekly newspaper that publishes in print and online.
The paper was established on April 6, 2009 by Madi M.K Ceesay, a seasoned Gambian journalist.
A CPJ (CPJ) International Press Freedom 2006 Awardee, Mr Ceesay is a former president of The Gambia Press Union. He had a stint with the banned Independent Newspaper as General Manager before setting up The Gambia’s premier and only media oriented training NGO, Media Agenda in 2006. Media Agenda is the parent company of The Daily News.
Ever since its inception, The Daily News has fiercely guarded the values of free enterprise, anchored on social justice and democracy. Our uncompromising commitment to journalistic integrity has seen the paper grow into a powerful voice bringing to the public and the world the untold stories of the country and beyond.
Despite entering a crowded newspaper market, Daily News quickly established itself as the primary source of information in almost all aspect of The Gambia’s development thanks to the strict adherence our motto: Factual, Reliable and Authoritative.
Today – two year on The Daily News stands out as a major provider of Gambia’s economic, social, political, cultural and sports news without compromising our editorial independence over the choice of issues to address and approaches to adopt. This is something the public appreciates.
Aside from the timely reportage of daily occurrences, The daily News incorporated a number of innovations. Notable is the introduction of columns such as Kaabefo, Youth Platform, Business Matters, Health, Environment, Human Rights, omen’s Bantaba, Matters of the Heart, Religion and Kissykissymansa, among others.
Our columnist service supplements daily news service with production of exclusive, and op-ed articles that reflects balance of reason so you can be sure of getting insightful and well-researched information. Our columns are anchored by both the staff and experts who analyse changes and new trends in different aspects of development in such a way as to ensure the widest possible expression of different ideological backgrounds.
We have been able to expand our frequency, the number of pages and our production within two years of operation. None, but the committed and dedicated staff deserve the greatest share of the commendation for our success.
They are not better paid than others, yet the most committed. They are not better trained nor equipped logistically than others, yet the most ready to deliver quality.

However, the enormity of achievement is not an indication that all is rosy here at The Daily News. We are aware of the need to improve the content and design of the paper. Our staff  need to better motivated, especially financially and indeed interms of capacity building since large number of our reporters are budding journalist.
There is a need to improve on the logistical capacity of the paper interms of computers, camera and voice recorders which are tools that do not only enhance our service delivery, but also assure our protection.
Everyday a number of printing and editorial constraints have affected the timeliness of the publication. We have been trying to feature stories exclusive to us, yet we know that news for yesterday is meant for the dustbin.

Mr Chairman

The media in The Gambia has seen remarkable growth and development. It all augurs well for the future since no democracy can function well without a free press playing its multifaceted role as watchdog role, educator, informer and entertainer on the national scene.
Therefore, one of the many functions of the media, The Daily News included, is to unravel everyday complex behavior for the benefit of our society.
 In this regard, state and non state actors should partner with media. There is a need to those in the frontline of public communication to open their doors for the tax payers to know what they are doing on their behalf. That is how a responsive society operates. Transparency should be the order of the day. There is no excuse to hide information.  
Moreover, journalists, like all citizens, must be accorded all the protection of the law in the country that we are proud to call our own. This is where we are born and where we belong. There is no other place in the world we can identify ourselves be passionately.
In all countries, citizens, including journalists, look forward to their government’s protection; to sleep in peace in the comfort of their homes and leave for and from their work places with the firm belief nothing excessive will happen to them. This is the kind of Gambia we deserve to live in.
However, where media houses can be burnt, where a reporter disappeared untraced, where veterans like Deyda can be gruesomely murdered and worst still, where these crimes go undetected, criminals unpunished, the future of even The Daily News, like all media houses, remains uncertain.

Mr Chairman

Daily News would not have come such a long way without its readers’ attention and support. Individual readers provide us with important feedback on our work and often bring to our attention issues and events that deserve further analysis.
Behind the scene workers; the paper boys, vendors, compilers, printers are all vital to our survival and our success.
In addition, a country whose government’s activities are shrouded in secrecy, it is not easy to find people willing to divulge information. Yet some did. These are our collaborators. Although sound editorial judgment is needed in dealing with such information, without tips what has turned out to be big news stories would not have been know by us and the public at large.  
To our collaborators, we say thank you. These are those who send us letter writers, commentaries and press releases. They are vital part of our success. Although they come in all shapes and sizes – ranging from politicians to students, as well those concerned with everyday development, one of our most regular contributors are veteran Baa Trawally, Bijou Peters, DA Jawo, among others.
Together with these people, we provide for our readers news and information of the day.

I thank you all.

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