Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back to Africa festival to promote cultural values

The ARIWA Back to Africa Festival, the second edition to be staged at the Kombo South-District village of Batokunku, is slated for 25th - 27th January, 2013.

The organisers of the festival, said ARIWA (a Yoroba word meaning for “being patient”) cultural showpiece is designed to promote Africa’s cultural norms and values.

The theme for next year’s festival is “Leave Out Babylon”, a subject the organisers said is meant to bring the Diaspora back to their cultural heritage.

The event is expected to attract high-profile personalities in the area of entertainment, namely: General Levy, Joe Ariwa, Dennis Bovell, Deadly Hunta, Earl 16, Jah Revelation Sound System, Cecil Reuben, Mc Trooper, Brother Culture Nick Manassen, Dego Ranks among a host of others, the proprietor of ARIWA Record Neil Fraser said.    

Fraser, AKA Mad Professor, who is a renowned music producer in London, told The Voice “We are coming with a different style, an African style to grace the beautiful African cultural values.

“We are also excepting to involve more Gambian artists. Last year their stage performances was great, people at home and abroad love it,” he said.

According to Neil, Kombo South festival in Gambia will serve as a platform to sell their music internationally and also interact with international artists and promoters to devise ways of working together in the music business.

He said the expected turn-out for the second edition will be bigger than that of 2012. “More and more people all over Europe and America are building interest and wants to grace this wonderful carnival,” he said.

Source: The Voice

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