Thursday, October 25, 2012

An eye for an eye justice to address murder: Imam Drammeh

Gambia's president Yahya Jammeh ordered for the execution of 9 death row inmates in August 2012/PHOTO/AFP2011

 The Imam of the colonel Moumar Gaddafi Mosque in Kotu, Momodou Lamin Drammeh is of the view that “an eye for an eye justice” (kill and be killed) is the only remedy to an increasing murder rate in The Gambia.

The Imam, who was speaking to this reporter at his residence at Kotu on October 17, claimed that the August 2012 execution of death row inmates by the government is not only in line with the nation's constitution but in line with Islamic law (Shari’ah) as well.

These latest controversial comments on the widely disputed killings of death row inmates came at a time when the debate is already subsiding locally as the country; mainly Muslims are looking forward to another mass execution, this time of “rams” during the course of the feast of Eid-al-Adha.

" Shari’ah clearly spell out that if someone kills another person deliberately, he or she should also be killed and the Qur'an affirms that this is the only way that can bring sanity in the society as well as curtail the killing spree," Imam Drammeh argues.

He argued that the series of reported killings that are currently going on in town are alien to the country and it is incumbent upon the government to put a stop to it, hence the leadership will be accounted for it in the day of judgment.

He said the “so called civilized west” must be blamed for the problems Africa and other parts of the world are faced with all in the name of “democracy.”

"Our problem in Africa and other parts of the world are the handy work of the west base on their selfish greed and taste for the natural resources on the continent. It is time that Africa and other nations across the globe be aware of the threats emerging from the west perpetrated in the name of democracy, rule of law, human rights among others,” the Imam said.

These are the weapons they use against us to bring conflicts in our regions. It is sad that Africans are still slumbering and are not aware of these threats, he argued.


He called on the government not to be detracted by the “enemies” of the state, whom he also regarded as “puppets” of the west. 

At a time when the Gambian leader succumbed to calls to put in place a moratorium on executions, Imam Drammeh said: “The execution of people on death row should continue so that in the long run others who harbour evil thoughts will be afraid to carry out their heinous acts that are so alien to the country.”

He also called on the youths to avoid illegal drugs, alcohol and prostitution. 

Once a person is under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they lose their sense of reasoning. Many murders that currently occurs in town are due largely to the influence of drugs and alcohol, he claim, but was quick to add blame the west for this too. 

"They (the west) bring drugs and alcohol to target African youths so that if they take these substances they can become lazy and useless at the detriment of African's development aspirations,” he said. “This is why African youths must be extra-courteous and mindful with regards to the so called civilization ideology."
He also cautions Gambian girls and ladies to be mindful of the west who have already intrude into their systems by changing their dress codes, appearances and way of life. 

It is because of the lack of respect for elders that today we are witnessing lots of things that are alien to the country, he said.

Arab spring

Speaking on the Arab spring, coordinated riots that deposed several dictators in North Africa and the Arab world, Imam Drammeh also blamed the west (Europe and America) for “orchestrating” the Arab spring to destroy all the gains achieved by Arab countries.

"The Arab spring is the evil work of the west meant to ruin Arab countries that are viewed as enemies of the west in terms of their visions and stance to improve humanity. Because of their naivety and jealousy, they impose wars in these countries and thereby bring to an end some of the elected governments of the Arab lands," he argued.

Why the Americans did not go for the Yemeni president Abdullah Saleh? It’s because he provided a base to the American troops so that they can use their might to crumble any government in that region that does not support their ideology, he observed.


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