Saturday, November 12, 2011

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Elections...

Hamat Bah
Hamat Promises 20, 000 Houses for Civil Servants, Military
Friday, November 11, 2011
(The Daily News) Presidential aspirant, Hamat Bah has promised that he’ll make housing affordable to all Gambians when elected head of state come Nov. 24.
The outspoken politician said, the first phase of this housing scheme will have 20, 000 houses built for civil servants and the military. 

He also pledged to create more job opportunities to absorb the many frustrated young Gambians who have been left hopeless by the current APRC regime.
The firebrand politician was speaking to reporters at Election House after his nomination for the Nov.24 presidential elections was certified by the country’s electoral body yesterday.
He has been nominated as an independent candidate, but still has the support of his party, NRP and the backing of three other opposition parties – PDOIS, NADD and GPDP. The development came following the signing of MoU among the parties.  

“What is in this country is clear for everyone to see, so I need no mention of them because we are all feeling the pinch,” he said, vowing that he will unseat Jammeh come Nov.24.
Bah has also taken a snipe at the state broadcaster, GRTS, for its failure to give coverage to their events.

“Some said they will not campaign this year, but when they heard about my candidature, they are now in it,” he said, apparently referring to ruling APRC’s Yahya Jammeh.
Hamat also expressed dissatisfaction over what he called the biased meddling of the traditional chiefs and governors in party politics even when they are supposed to be neutral.
“If there is to be any problem in this country, it will be caused by the chiefs,” he told the IEC chair, Carayol.

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