Monday, March 28, 2011

IAG lectures on evolution of medical insurance…

As part of a week long event the Insurance Association of The Gambia (IAG) organises a day-long lecture on the Evolution of Medical Insurance in The Gambia, Prospects and Constraints on Wednesday March 23, 2011 at the Laico Atlantic Hotel in Banjul.
The lecture, which is the second of its kind, was aimed at holding a colloquium on a specific subject that impacts on the insurance industry and to provide a common platform for insurance operators and other stakeholders to discuss issues of common concern.

“It is also meant to generate excellent ideas for the socio-economic advancement of the people and the development of the Gambian economy,” IAG said.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, the President of IAG Dawda Sarge said the theme “Medical Insurance in The Gambia: Prospects and Constraints” is another demonstration by the IAG to create an environment for fruitful dialogue among all participants in the various Private Medical Insurance Schemes (PMIs) within the insurance industry.
“But then who are these participants? Naturally, we cannot overlook insurance companies who provide the various medical expense insurance covers; secondly the approved care-givers (hospitals, clinics, doctors etc) are very instrumental in the delivery process,” he said
Mr. Sarge noted that the cardinal objective of all PMIs in the Gambia is to support national health development objectives through the use of best and useful practices that maximises the efficient and effective use of resources.
“We cannot have successful PMI schemes when insurers fail to provide good value medical expense insurance covers by making the necessary reimbursements to the doctors or sponsoring organization on time, doctors and clinics charging exorbitant medical bills, encouraging practices that are inimical to the insurance delivery process; and the sponsoring organization abdicating their responsibilities toward the scheme.”
He said our people deserve better if we are to have a healthy, educated and skilful workforce that will transform the Gambia into a highly developed model economy as contained in Vision 2020 (the country’s development blue print).
The forum provided the stakeholders an opportunity to discuss in a forthright and professional manner, some of the challenges inhibiting the successful operation of Private Medical Insurance Schemes (PMIs) in the Gambia.
Earlier on Monday and Tuesday, IAG observed a march pass and launch an Insurance Club at St. Joseph Senior Secondary School as part of an event that stretches through Thursday, when the Association will close with an Annual General Meeting. Source - The Voice

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