Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gambia Government urged to abide by the Women Act

Amie Sillah, Gender Activitist
Gender activist and Coordinator Women for Democracy and Development (WODD) Amie Sillah, has called on  The Gambia Government to abide by the Women Act 2010 by protecting the social, economic, political and cultural rights of  Gambian women.
Mrs. Sillah was speaking at a two-day Capacity Building organised by WODD and funded by the US Embassy in Banjul through its Democracy and Human Rights Fund, held at the Girls Guides Headquarters, MDI Road Kanifing on March 18, 2011.
She urged the Government of The Gambia to recognize the Act in accordance with the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR) and the rights of Women in Africa. “If this is realized Gambian women will enjoy dignity, liberty and prosperity,” she said.
The training, aimed at enlightening women on the Women Act 2010, the Maputo Protocol and the ACHPR has also been held at Bansang in Upper Fulladu West, Jarumeh Koto in Sami District, Jappineh in Jarra Central and Kerr Omar Saine in Jokadu District. 
She told participants that as stakeholders in the development of the country they can only gain liberty, dignity and prosperity if they contribute equally as men.
For his part, the Political and Economic Officer US Embassy Zackhary Bailzy helping women is the priority of the American government as women play a vital role in national development. He noted that the American Embassy has is funding many women empowerment project across the country. Source - The Voice

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