Saturday, January 1, 2011

Journalist Harassed for Taking Death-Row Inmates’ Picture

Fabakary Ceesay
Security officers recently harassed Foroyaa newspaper senior reporter Fabakary B. Ceesay for attempting to take the pictures of treason convicts, Lang Tombong and Co. Former defense chief Lang Tombong Tamba and co appeared in Appeal Court in Banjul challenging death sentenced slapped on them by the High Court. 
Using abusive words, a group of security officers from different security apparatus confronted Mr Ceesay for attempting to take pictures while the journalists from the state-owned media were not only taking pictures, but videoing at the court premises. 

“Who are you? You think you are from Foroyaa and can do whatever you want,” one of the officers yelled at Ceesay. “We don’t mind whether you are from Foroyaa, if you don’t mind we will deal with you, seize your camera, arrest, torture you and nothing will come out of it.” Source - The Daily News (Wednesday December 29, 2010)

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