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Gambia Government Says It's Not A Party To ECOWAS Proposed Military Intervention On Ivory Coast

Dr Njogu L. Bah
Defends Wikileaks Julian Assange
The Gambia government in a statement on Friday, stated clearly that it opposes the use of force to oust Laurant Gbabo, a position the Regional Block, ECOWAS is weighing options on.
The statement read by Dr. Njogou L. Bah, secretary general and head of the Civil Service, who is appearing to be the Spokesperson of the Gambia Government, defended Wikileaks Julian Assange: saying "This has proven our belief and conviction that the West are only interested in the protection of Freedom of the Press and expression only where it concerns their criminal agents bent on causing instability in Africa and the Third World but disguised as journalists and human rights campaigners and not a genuine protection of the Freedom of the Press worldwide." 

Our position on Cote D'Ivoire is that a peaceful solution that would be beneficial to all the people of Cote D'Ivoire should be found. The two camps must put the interests of Ivoirians above their individual and Party interests. All political leaders must work for the interest of Ivory Coast and not the selfish interest of individuals and their foreign backers (powers) that are only interested in mayhem in Cote D'Ivoire so that they (the foreign powers) can exploit the natural resources of Ivory Coast at the expense of the Citizens of that Country.
The people of Ivory Coast must also understand that resorting to war to resolve the crises would be a very lethal mistake, as no one would emerge the winner. The winners of course would be foreign powers bent on selling arms to see Africans slaughter each other. It will be Ivorians killing Ivorians. This would be a huge mistake, as this would return Ivory Coast back to the Stone Age. Ivorians should learn lessons from their past civil war, as well as from neighbouring Liberia and Sierra Leone.
The Gambia stands ready to support any action or steps being taken to find a peaceful solution to the crises but would also hold both leaders Laurent Gbagbo and Allasan Ouatarra and their supporters responsible for any negative consequences of the current crisis. It is high time that foreign powers respect the independence and sovereignty of African Countries and stop interfering in their internal electoral processes. After all, former colonial masters cannot and should not be lecturers on Democracy in Africa – as they have never allowed Africans to vote during the colonial period to select who they wanted to lead them. That they are only interested in the natural resources of African Countries is an open secret, if not, why are they so hostile of African migrants into the West? But it is also the responsibility of All Africans to open their eyes to these realities and defend their dignity, sovereignty and resources. This can only be done by working together as Africans. Only we the Africans can lift the continent out of abject poverty, humiliation of our people and stop the wanting looting of our resources by these foreign powers, to regain our lost glory.

Our position is that the Government of Sudan should ensure free and fair elections, which would allow the people of Southern Sudan to decide on their own destiny. Only free and fair elections can put an end to the war in Darfur and the entire South, which have claimed thousands of lives, wanton destruction, entrenched poverty and permanent displacement for the people of the South.
It is also the responsibility of the people of the South, collectively and individually to vote in order to put an end to their suffering and humiliation. The different factions in Southern Sudan should understand that this is a golden opportunity to put an end to the carnage and suffering of the people whose interest they have been fighting to protect. Therefore, all the factions in Southern Sudan should disregard their partisan interests and unite with all the people of the South so that collectively, they can choose whether they want to be independent or be a part of Sudan. This referendum is the only chance that they have for lasting solutions to their suffering.
Both the Government of Sudan and the leaders of the various groups in Southern Sudan would be held to account for what happens during and after the Referendum. The Government of The Gambia firmly supports the referendum as the only way to settle this long-standing disastrous dispute, peacefully.

We are neutral and want a peaceful solution to the crises. War would be a very catastrophic solution to this unfortunate situation, as Koreans would be slaughtering Koreans. South Korea, a very high-developed modern country stands to lose as war would orchestrate the destruction of their ultra Modern Industrial complexes and reverse their enviable socio economic development. This will be very unfortunate for South Korea. In fact, it will be a great setback to all the Korean people. The Government and leadership of North Korea should behave like members of a modern world in the 21st century where human life is held sacred.
Their unacceptable hostility towards the South is very shameful. We condemn their recent rash and provocative behaviour towards their Southern Brothers and Sisters as irresponsible as well as it is criminal. In the same vein, we urge the leadership in the South not to fall into this dangerous path of war. Both sides would lose if they opt to go to war. The only winners would be foreign powers that would be selling arms to both sides. The Korean people, both north and south say NO to war. North and South Korean Leadership would be held responsible for any outcome of the current crisis.

The position of The Gambia Government has always been finding a peaceful solution to the recent crisis and this has been achieved through the recently concluded elections in which President-Elect Alpha Conde has emerged the winner. But this is not the end of the story but the beginning, as Guinea should understand that their greatness, prosperity and well-being would only be determined by one factor: They working together as one country in diversity rather than working on tribal and regional lines. At any given moment Guinea must have one President who will always come from the Guinean people and from one ethnic group or the other, whether people like it or not.
It is therefore the responsibility of the entire people of Guinea to vote based on their socio-economic aspirations rather than narrow and counter productive tribal interests. We therefore urge all Guineans to forget and forgive their past bitter tribal differences and rally behind the elected Government. It is only by uniting behind the elected Government and working together as Guineans, that Guinea Conakry would realize her huge economic potential and become a prosperous and highly developed country that would not only benefit the entire Guinean Citizenry but the African continent and beyond.
We hereby salute the courage shown by Sellou Dalene Diallo by accepting the outcome of the elections thereby averting another dangerous crises that could have the potential to set the entire ECOWAS region on fire. We urge all the political leaders in Guinea to work with President-Elect Alpha Conde in his very daunting challenge to develop Guinea and lift the long suffering Guinean people out of their present deplorable state. The people of Guinea have suffered for so long and now is a golden opportunity to turn things around in a positive way. President Elect Alpha Conde and his Government cannot do so alone without the full participation of all the Guinean people.
The new Government and the entire people of Guinea Conakry should be wary of those vultures that are pretending to be friends of Guinea but are only interested in plundering her vast mineral and natural resources to the detriment of the Guinean people in particular and the African people in general. Those so-called outside friends are nothing other than locusts that would ravage Guinea's vast resources.

Our position has remained the same; that is the peaceful resolutions of the conflict by the Somali people themselves with the support of the African Union. The current situation in Somalia is a clear manifestation of the tragic failure of the then OAU and now the African Union to live up to its mandate and responsibility to the African people. This can only be attributed to the incessant interference by powers outside of the African continent and lack of political will and sound leadership on the side of the then OAU and now the AU. Unless African leaders take the total liberation and eventual unification of the African Continent seriously and work together, there will be no solution to the crisis in Somalia. It is very unfortunate that Somalia and her people are divided with such devastating consequences.
The AU must decide what to do with Somalia – abandon it, or bring it back to the African fold and take concrete steps towards implementing that decision as a responsible and credible organization that should be here to protect African dignity, independence and prosperity. The people of Somalia must abandon their warlords and reconcile for the greater interest of Somalia and Africa. It is only when the people of Somalia see themselves as Somalis and Africans, nothing else, that they would realize what damage they are causing to themselves, their country and their continent.
We strongly believe that the AU, together with the entire people of Somalia can get rid of the Warlords who are only serving their selfish interests and the interests of the outside powers that back them much to the detriment of ordinary Somalis, in particular and African Unity in general.

The DRC is a victim of the locusts and vultures that have plagued that mineral rich African Country for centuries. The DRC's wealth (mineral and others) alone can develop the entire African Continent if it has not been taken hostage by locusts (outside powers) that are only interested in the continuous plundering of her natural resources much to the detriment of the Congolese people in particular and the African continent in general. All the foreign powers involved in the DRC are only interested in robbing the Congolese and African people off their vast natural resources. The entire Congolese people who are bearing the negative and catastrophic consequences of this plundering, assisted by PAN Africanist leaders, should rid their country of these locusts and regain control of their resources and destiny – Only then, would the people of DRC benefit from Allah's generous gift to them and lift themselves out of poverty. For them to succeed, they must bury the hatchet, reconcile and unite with the interest of the entire people of the DRC being the supreme Goal.
It is high time that African Masses stop supporting sponsored puppets who mean only one thing, guaranteeing the continuous plunder of African resources by the rich North through Anti-Africa African leaders. These dangerous Africans backed by financial resources from Western powers not only sweet talk African Masses during political campaigns but also prey on the poverty and ignorance of most African electorates. It is not strange that some African countries still have Presidents that are full citizens of some Western Country. This is an indisputable fact and that is why, despite their promise to develop the country if elected president end up taking the country deeper into abject poverty. If voted out, them and their families leave the African continent with their loot and go and live in their country of citizenship.
The youth of Africa who bear the consequence of poverty, under-development and corrupt leadership must stand up and work with genuine PAN Africanist Leaders who have the interest of their countries and peoples in particular and that of African in general, to rid Africa of this Permanent Locust invasion and occupation of Mother Africa.

This has proven our belief and conviction that the West are only interested in the protection of Freedom of the Press and expression only where it concerns their criminal agents bent on causing instability in Africa and the Third World but disguised as journalists and human rights campaigners and not a genuine protection of the Freedom of the Press worldwide. Is it not shameful, that Julian Assange is jailed without bail for only letting the whole world know what Western powers are not only doing but also saying about other countries. Remember that he did not make up or write those documents but exposing them. Imagine the nasty things that their Agents in Africa and the third world called Journalists write about leaders and countries with the sole objective of destabilizing them. If the super powers and Developed Nations are so afraid of a Free Press to the extent that Julian Assange can be held up in jail almost incommunicado and without bail, what about less powerful Developing countries that have to contend with instability and abject poverty.
Wikileaks Saga is a lesson from God to all the people of the Developing Third World, particularly Africa that the West are nothing other than hypocrites in their so-called lectures on their declared Values and Democratic Principles. Their intolerance to the freedom of religious expression especially Islamic, and the imprisonment of Julian Assange has exposed the true nature of the West. With regards to Democracy – They apply them only where it suits their interest.
Only a very few Western countries are on high moral ground to preach Democracy in African. Very few, and Greece is number one, as they have not colonized any African Country and is the origin of Democracy. Former colonial masters and slave traders in African slaves should shut up and leave Africa alone. It is shameful that these undemocratic parasitic powers who are the sponsors of corruptions, violence and under development in Africa and the third world to the detriment of Africans and to the huge benefit of citizens of the West, continue to accuse African and Third World leaders that have refused to be their stooges, as corrupt and dictatorial. They can fool people but they cannot fool The Almighty Allah.
The Government and people of The Gambia would always work with honest, sincere and peace loving people in Africa in particular and the rest of the world in general to ensure peace, love, mutual respect and prosperity for humanity. In the same vein, we will not shy from our responsibilities to stand up for the truth whatever it takes. We wish all of humanity a very peaceful end of the year and everlasting peace and love in prosperity and dignity in the years ahead.

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