Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winterswijk gives football materials to Jambanjelly

Sports materials donated to Jambanjelly (Photo Credit: Alagie Lamin Camara)
Jambanjelly Youth and Sport Development Association (Jam Sports) on Dec 15, 2013 handed over to the community nine bags and two cartons of football materials it had received from friends in the Netherlands.
The support came as a gesture to compliment Jam Sports’ effort in the development of football at Jambanjelly, kombo south district, The Gambia’s west coast region.

Speaking on behalf of the donors at the presentation ceremony held at the Jambanjelly Youth Center, Bolong Camara and his counterpart Alagie Lamin Camara underline the importance of youth participation toward community development.

“The donors are made to understand the amount of effort inserted by the Sport committee for football in village to reach this height,” said Mr Bolong Camara.

“This material presented today is just the beginning, we are very sure that Winterswijk Football Team will continue to support football in Jambanjelly,” added Mr Alagie Lamin Camara. 

Both thank the couples Ge and Nada Boeyink of Netherlands who make it possible for them to receive what they called “such a generous gift.”

Mahmoud Jawla, Chairperson of Jambanjelly Youth and Sport Committee, expressed his committee’s profound gratitude for such a timely intervention. 

Mr Jawla, also the youth officer for west coast region, said the donation will open a door for a new relationship between Jam Sport and Winterswijk. This gesture will go a long way in helping to develop football in Jambanjelly, he added. 

Photo Credit: Alagie Lamin Camara
He said his committee intends to strengthen its commitment towards better football in the community, and encourages young players to remain steadfast in their careers and to take life seriously.

“For one to become a professional player, one needs to be discipline and committed,” Jawla said.

Bakary Bojang, Public Relations Officer for Kombo South Sport Committee, also thanked the donors and hopes that the materials will be put into good use. “It came at a time when the district tournament is kicking off, and the 3rd division tournament is also coming up,” he said. 

He thanks Jam Sport committee for their hard work in maintaining good football in the village. Momodou Juldeh, the Village Development Committee Chairperson, echoed similar sentiments while giving the vote of thanks.

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