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Stalwart to lunch debut album ‘Di Boss’ Dec 20

A young boy displays a poster of Stalwart's DI BOSS Album which include the song Show Love To D Children (Photo credit: Stalwart/Facebook)
Gambian raggae dancehall singer, Stalwart, will launch his 23-tracks debut album ‘Di Boss’ on December 20, 2013 at Romana nightclub in Bakau.

The long awaited album includes promotional singles like ‘How long’, ‘Hot Gyal’, ‘Gyals magnet’, ‘Show love to D children’, ‘Drive Di car’ and ‘Heaven gate’ and that with two videos – all of which are feet-tapping tunes that have featured prominently in Gambian airwaves.

“The album is purely reggae dancehall and was recorded in various studios in The Gambia, Australia, UK, Poland and Jamaica,” Stalwart, who is popularly know as ‘Dancehall Scientist’ exclusively told Voice Vibes on Thursday, December 12, 2013.

Stalwart, whose on stage performances earned him the ‘real dancehall stalwart’, says he featured only one Gambian artist, Safla, in his debut album. He said his intention is to produce more albums in the years ahead.    

“I want this to be a tradition… that every year I drop an album in the market,” says the singer whose much anticipitaed debut album has been delayed largely due to financial constraints.

Photo Credit: Stalwart/Facebook
Stalwart is inspired by music legends like Bob Marley, Burning Spear, and Peter Tosh. He said he is working towards becoming a legend and to put Gambia’s music name at the top of world music.

“Let Gambians know that Stalwart can put Gambia’s name in the forefront of world music,” he told Voice Vibes.

Gambian journalist and blogger, Modou S. Joof, said Stalwart is one of the few local artists whose music adresses contemporary issues in society. “This ‘Di Boss’ album is worth the wait and will serve as the basic foundation for stardom for the young singer,” said Mr Joof, also a part-time music news and features writer.  
Stalwart (real name Yankuba Dibba) started doing music in the 90s and has been working extremely hard to push his music into another level. In 2006, he won a singing competition staged by a privately-owned GSM company.

He was shortlisted, and won the Global Music Award’s Best African Reggae Artists Award 2012/2013, and has been featured in the ‘Bad Anyway Rhythm’ in Jamaica produced by Granite Production. Jamaican star artists like Sizzla, Black Rhino, and Bennieman are also featured in the ‘Bad Anyway Rhythm’.

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