Saturday, September 15, 2012

Africa will 'soon' be short of dictators

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Maybe not so soon, but if the dreams of the Lagos and Banjul-based Institute for National Transformation (INT) are realised, regardless of when, Africans will found it incredible that they are short of corrupt autocratic leaders at all levels.

The INT’s dream is to develop value-grounded, no-excuse leaders that will transform their organisations, communities and nations to greater levels of performance and achievement. 
“The vision of INT is to develop “no-excuse” leaders of integrity and exceptional organizational skill from both the private and public sectors throughout the world,” the Institute said. 
It stressed that such leaders will “proffer performance instead of pronouncements; expertise and competence instead of title and position; bold development initiatives instead of seeking handouts; respect and honour for our people instead of control and abuse; and leave legendary positive impact in the continent instead of failures and excuses.”
With an increasing population in Africa, currently close to one billion, INT said it is extremely important and strategic that current and future generation of African workers, managers, and leaders, who would have to lead Africa out of her predicaments, be exposed to responsible, high integrity leadership and high-quality management principles if only to preserve gains made so far by past administrations.   
On this backdrop, the INT announced it will be holding a Leadership Seminar on “Integrity leadership and quality management principles” at the Paradise Suites hotel in Kololi, Gambia on 17 and 18 September, 2012.
The INT said it targets nine spheres of society including the government, education, business, arts and culture, music and entertainment, sports, social services, communication and news media, and religious sectors.


The expected outcomes of the colloquium are to: “Provide participating organisations the opportunity to align vision, mission, structure, and programmes with purposeful, integrity leadership principles and quality management good practices; 
Assist participating organisations to develop practical, relevant, implementable, auditable, and continuously improved and maintained for nations of Africa in the areas, programmes; 
Assist organisations reevaluate and crystallize road maps and streamline standard operating procedures for effective achievement of set objectives;
Create a forum for establishment of appropriate network for effective, synergistic national impact; Organisations that are better structured and skilled to fulfill individual and collective mandates; and to change weak mindsets to stronger ones through exposure to superior leadership and management paradigm.”  

Written by Modou S. Joof
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