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IKPALA: Touray is a ‘shame’ to the prison department

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  • IKPALA: Touray is a ‘shame’ to the prison department
  • Bensouda’s conspicuous absence hold back rights activists’ trial
  • NDEA Denounce Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking
  • GAMCOTRAP officials to prove their innocence
  • Njogu Bah asks us to followed Alkalo Eric Tundeh Janneh
  • Barra Noran Produces An All Essau Final

  • Bensouda’s conspicuous absence hold back rights activists’ trial

The lead defence counsel Amie Bensouda’s noticeable absence from court on June 28 means Dr. Isatou Touray and Amie Bojang Sissoho, two women rights activists will have to wait until July 15, 2011 to open their defence.

The Executive Director and Programme Coordinator of the Gambia Committee Against Harmful Traditional Practices (GAMCOTRAP) are been tried on a charge of theft at the Banjul Magistrate Court presided by Magistrate Alagbe Taiwo Ade.

They have since pleaded not-guilty.

On Tuesday, counsel Lamin K. Mboge said the defence is constraint for the fact that the lead counsel Bensouda who have personally prepared to conduct the defence is unavailable.

Mboge said Bensouda had earlier on written to the court for a stand-down but did not appear and that he was urging the court to grant the defence an adjournment. His application was granted by Magistrate Taiwo, who scheduled the case to resume on 15th July, 2011.

  • NDEA Denounce Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking

Mr. Kalilu Njie, the Deputy Director of National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) has condemned drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking and put across his determination to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse.

Mr. Njie was speaking during celebrations marking International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking on June 26, 2011 at the Kanifing Municipal Council under the theme “Health”.

He said health is a very significant measure of national development. It is a foundation on which any meaningful development is built and without a healthy youth population “our national development will be retarded.”

According to him, drug trafficking contribute to the spread of HIV and organized crimes, and as a result its impact in the world is far from minor. He reaffirmed NDEA’s position in the campaign against illicit drugs in the country.

Mr Yusupha Sanyang, the Deputy Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) noted that drug problem continues to constitute a serious threat to public health and the safety and well-being of humanity.

“Drugs are a threat to national security and sovereignty of States; hence it undermines socio-economic, political stability and sustainable development, every effort is being made by the government to curb the situation,” he said.

The young people of this country are the future leaders, he said. “We cannot allow these young people to be exposed to lifestyles that are destructive and counter-productive to the extent that they will not be able to take up their future responsibilities.”

When he took his turn, Dr. Abubacar Senghore, the Chairman Board of Governors NDEA said the rise of globalization; drug abuse and illicit trafficking reflect and reinforces an unpleasant social setup and political economy that has affected all cross-sections of society, mostly youths.

“It is common knowledge that our sub-region has been targeted by drug barons as a transit route for trafficking of hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. The cultivation of cannabis locally and in the sub-region is also increasing at an alarming rate,” he said.

  • IKPALA: Touray is a ‘shame’ to the prison department

Presiding Judge, Joseph Enwa Ikpala of the Special Criminal Division of the High Court in Banjul has describe prison officer Dodou Touray as “a shame to the prison department”.

Justice Ikpala’s outburst on Wednesday followed Touray’s decision to shift his testimony from English to Mandinka, a local language. Touray, who is the Second in Command at the Prison Department, is the 4th Defence Witness in the ongoing criminal trial involving ex- Inspector General of Police Ensa Badjie and Superintendent Ali Ceesay.

He earlier on agreed to testify in English but after three minutes into his testimony, he told the court that he would prefer to speak in Mandinka because he is not that fluent in speaking English.

However, the presiding judge reduced him to what he called “a shame to the prison department.”

Former police chief Ensa Badjie and Superintendent Ali Ceesay are standing trial on 30 Counts of robbery, defeat justice and related offences at the High Court. They have since denied the charges.

On Wednesday 29th June, 2011, Dodou Touray, who knew the accused, said in his Evident-In-Chief that one day, the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Abdoulie Bojang asked him to see Chief Superintendent Ali Ceesay because Ensa Badjie and Soriba Condeh were not in good terms.

Touray said he, Superintendent Tiana and Abdoulie Bojang went to meet Ali Ceesay to inform him that Ensa Badjie and Soriba Condeh are not in good terms. He adds that Abdoulie Bojang told Ali Ceesay that he want to move Soriba out of the Mile 2 Prison, but Ali advise him not to move him because Soriba’s was serving a long imprison term.

“Ali Ceesay told me that if Ensa Badjie provokes Soriba, let me sealed him in his cell and if Soriba also provokes Ensa Badjie let me sealed Soriba in his cell,” he explained.

He added that after the discussion with Ali Ceesay he left for his post as he is second in command to Tiana. “After that, Soriba came to me and told me that Ali Ceesay is threatening him and I asked Soriba how he threatens you. I told Soriba that it is because his relationship with Ensa Badjie is not that good and that is why Ali Ceesay asked him to stay away from Badjie,” he said.


Under cross-examination, the Director of Public Prosecution, Abdullah Mikailu asked whether he saw Soriba provoking Ensa Badjie or vice versa. Touray answered that he neither saw Soriba provoking Badjie nor Badjie provoking Soriba.

“I was informed about the alleged provocations,” he said. The trial continues on 4th July, 2011.

  • Njogu Bah asks us to followed Alkalo Eric Tundeh Janneh

Modou Badjie, a resident of Banjulinding has said that when they were called at the State House, the then Secretary General Dr. Njogu Bah told them that the President said they should follow Eric Tundeh Janneh, the Alkalo of Banjulinding village.

Badjie, the 2nd prosecution witness in the trial of Rongo and Efry Mbye was testifying in court on Wednesday.

Cultural artist Momodou Rongo Jarju and griot Abdoulie Efry Mbye are standing trial on four counts of “false information, making false documents, uttering false documents and breach of peace” at the Banjul Magistrates Court presided by Magistrate Alagbe Taiwo Ade. They have since denied any wrong doing.

Mr. Badjie said when he, Eric, Ousman Bajan, Rongo and his father were called at the Office of the President the then Secretary General Njogu Bah told them that the President said he is aware of the leadership problem in Banjulinding and wants them to settle it and remain united.

According to him, Njogu Bah, who is now the Minister of Works and Construction, told them that President said the villagers should accept Eric Tundeh as the Alkalo (village head) and that Eric should treat everyone equal.

He said at that meeting, they parties agreed to pay heed to the President’s “advice” and they asked Eric Tundeh Janneh to call a meeting to inform the villagers about the development.

However, he said prior to the meeting, they received a letter from the Village Council of Elders which states that “they did not want Eric as their Alkalo; instead, they want Foday Jambang”. This letter was written by Rongo and his people, he said.

He said they reported the matter to the National Drug Enforcement Agency, NDEA but the NDEA Director referred them to the NDEA office in Kanifing, where their statements were taken.

He said the officers told them that they receive a two option advice from the office of the president; to settle the matter within themselves or to take the matter to the court. But they choose to settle the matter within themselves.

The Narcotic officers set up a new council of elders, Chaired by Eric, and Jabell Ceesay to serve as deputy, followed by Malang Badjie while others follow.

After four days, Malang Badjie called a meeting and Malang Badjie took out a letter to be read by Rongo (1st accused).

He said Rongo claimed that the letter is the office of the President confirming the appointment of Malang Badjie as the Chairman of Council of Elders. This was followed by confusion and the 1st witness, Yayha Bah stood and asks Rongo to clarify that point while noting that Janneh was selected as chairman at the NDEA.

Badjie said Rongo claimed that that is not the work of the NDEA. “They are just trying to unite us.”

He said Rongo admitted to reading at the meeting but denies knowing anything about it, after they were called back to the NDEA office. The case continues on 29 June 2011.

  • GAMCOTRAP officials to prove their innocence
Women rights activists, Dr. Isatou Touray and Amie Bojang Sissoho are to open their defence to prove their innocence on charge of theft before the Banjul Magistrates Court today.

The Executive Director and Programme Coordinator of the Gambia Committee Against Harmful Traditional Practices (GAMCOTRAP) are standing trial on one count of theft. They have since denied any wrong doing.

The prosecution has called eight witnesses most of whom female circumcisers, security officers and Ms. Sanchez, the Executive Director of Yolocamba Solidaridad, a Madrid based Non-Government Organisation (NGO).

After the prosecution closes its case, the lead defence Counsel Amie Bensouda filed a written brief of a “no case to answer” submission. She argued that the prosecution did not establish any case against the accused person and urge the court to acquit and discharge her clients.

However, the prosecutor Superintendent Sainey Joof argued that the prosecution has established a case against the accused persons by calling eight witnesses and urge the court to order the accuse persons to open their defence.

In his ruling, Magistrate Taiwo said: “after going through the briefs of both parties he is convinced that the accused persons have a case to answer.”

It could be recalled that the two women rights activists had at the beginning of the trial denied bail on two occasions, during which time they spent a numbers of days in detention at the State’s Central Prison, Mile II.

West Ham Vs Airport

  • Barra Noran Produces An All Essau Final

The 2011 Barra Noran, a non-league football tournament played at the Yahya Jammeh Park, organised by Barra Sport Development Committee over the weekend entered into the semifinal stages.

The tournament started on the 9th April with eleven teams from Barra, Essau, Mayamba, Kanuma and Mbollet Ba. Group A involves Dego Anacondaz, Lions, Zebra, Ice Land, and Cellou Dalin and Group B comprises Guigie, Late Bakarr Hydra, West Ham, Mbollet Ba and Air port.

Following closely fought games in the group stages and the quarter finals, the Late Bakarr FC, West Ham FC, Zebra FC and Air port FC qualified to the semi-finals.

On Friday June 24, Late Bakarr Hydra FC of Barra and West Ham FC of Essau played the first semifinal. With an equal share of ball possession, the Late Bakarr Hydra FC went into the break with a 1-0 lead through a 16th minute free kick from Salieu Sarra.

Sarra’s long range free kick slipped off the hands of the West Ham goalkeeper and went straight into the net.

West Ham quickly substituted striker Tamsir Jammeh for another Doudou Jammeh, but they would have to be content with trailing a goal behind going into half time.

West Ham effected another change as play resumes with the introduction of sturdy striker Ousman Sallah posing a lot of threats to their opponents. The change paid this time when West Ham’s Tamsir Jammeh equalized in 52nd minute after a defense lapse.

Jammeh’s first effort was denied by goalkeeper Madi Camara, the ball landed on his left foot and from a close range, he tapped the ball into the net.

As tensions grew, Bakarr FC’s Abdou Ndure was cautioned by the referee for a rough challenge on goal scorer Tamsir Jammeh in the 67th minute.

West Ham’s penalty claim in the 78th minute was dismissed by the central referee, who adjudged it to be a ball-on-hand.

West Ham's defender Alagie Drammeh denied Alagie Bah’s close range shot in the 77th minute, and as time was running out, both sides have to settle for a penalty shoot-out, which West Ham won by 4-3.

In the second semifinal on Saturday, Air port FC of Essau defeated Zebra FC of Barra by a goal to nil. Tabora Manneh’s lone goal coming from a header in the 56th minute was enough to send the Zebras parking.

Meanwhile, West Ham FC and Airport FC have both secured an all-Essau Final which is yet to be schedule by the organisers, the Sports Committee. The tournament has attracted large crowds during the semifinals. The committee said it has sold-out 700 tickets in each match, more tickets are expected to be sold for the final.

  • Source: The Voice

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