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Blood Shed: Di Bosslady’s new single

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Tenza Di Bosslady, a UK-based Jamaican reggae dancehall singer, has released a new single ‘Blood Shed’ which she said is dedicated to her cousin gunned down in Jamaica a few months ago. It is produced by Tenza Music Digital (TMD) Records.

“The single has been well received by critics and is receiving outstanding feedback from disc jockeys in Asia where the song was officially released two weeks ago,” Tenza told The Voice Vibes. “The promotional music video for 'Blood Shed' has also been released in conjunction with the track and will be aired on television stations across Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.

Riding off the success of her previous single 'Ghetto Soldier', Tenza stated that she wanted to shoot a music video for "Ghetto Soldier 2" (Ask Di Yute Dem) but had a change of heart after seeing her cousin lose his life to gun crime. 

“With children and old ladies being raped and murdered in my country among a host of other criminal onsets, I was compelled to record and shoot the music video for 'Blood Shed'”, she said.

She urged her fellow musicians to follow in her footsteps and use their talents to heal the nation from “this terrible disease” called crime. 

According to her, the aim of the single is to bring back the glorious days of Jamaica when everyone was united as one nation under God, a place where people are not prisoners in their own homes but are free.

“As a vibrant young artist, I am a champion for the ghetto youths and my cry in 'Blood Shed' is the same I always encourage, that is for them to turn to the books and pens instead of the guns,” Di Bosslady told The Voice Vibes in email exchanges.

Source: The Voice

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