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Jammeh Vows to Crush Replica of Ivory Coast Election Standoff
Friday, November 11, 2011
(The Daily News) The Gambian president Yahya Jammeh has vowed that the Ivory Coast election standoff scenario will not be replicated in The Gambia.
Ivory Coast witnessed months of deadly clashes after its defeated president, Laurent Gbargbo refused to cede power to Ouattara in that country December 2010 presidential elections. The tension was defused after he was captured from a Bunka and taken hostage alongside his wife.

“Already people have started commenting that there will be an Ivory Coast situation [in this election],” said tough-talking Jammeh who had insisted that Gbargbo was the legitimate leader and declared not to recognise Ouattara’s presidency.
He warned: “Anyone who wants to do it will not witness it. The peace in this country will not be compromised at the alter of elections. Anyone who wants to destroy the peace we have here, I will destroy you.”

The Gambian president was speaking yesterday at the offices of the Independent Electoral Commission – Election House – while his nomination for the Nov.24 poll was being certified by the electoral body.

Sitting in between his wife, Zaineb Jammeh and Gambian vice president, Isatou Njie- Saidy, president Jammeh told the IEC chairman, Mustapha Carayol, who was sitting right in front of him, that he will tolerate no nonsense.

“If you don’t act, I will,” he cautioned, saying that his party has been a victim of harassment in the previous elections by opposition supporters.  
“Any time there is attack, it is against us even though we are the majority,” he said.
“My National Assembly member’s house was burned down and a supporter of my party was killed in 2001.”

He also said that no Western elections observer will ever be allowed in the country.


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