Friday, November 18, 2011

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

No castigation of the opposition President Jammeh tells supporters

Yahya Jammeh, APRC leader (Pix: Daily Observer)

Friday, November 18, 2011
(Daily Observer)The presidential candidate and leader of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) President Sheikh Professor Alhaji Yahya Jammeh has warned his supporters and militants against making any remark or statement that will ignite violence in APRC political rallies.

The Gambian leader was speaking on day four of his ‘Thank you tour’ in Basse, Upper River Region (URR) ahead of the November 24th Presidential Election. He said such remarks will not be compromised for the entire period of the election campaign.

The APRC supremo further urged his supporters to avoid violence, insults, harassment and intimidation and ensure a free electoral process.  “I think you can recall what happened in 2001 here in Basse.

So what I want you to understand is that elections are not meant to ignite violence neither to intimidate, harass or insult anybody,” he said.

He commended the people of Basse, particularly the youths and women for their continuous support to the APRC from the onset. According to him, the people of URR at the time when things were tough stood by the APRC.

The president, like in previous meetings, told his supporters that his mission is not to campaign, but to heed to his mother’s advice to go on a ‘Thank you tour’.

At this point, President Jammeh paused to ask the people of Basse if there is any promise he made since 1994 that has not been fulfilled, and the crowd replied in the negative.

The minister of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters, Lamin Kaba, who doubles as the APRC campaign manager, spoke extensively on the significance of voting and urged APRC supporters to be aware of those he called sheep in wolf clothing among them.

He stressed that this year’s election is meant to distinguish between those who want development and those who chose to remain underdeveloped.

The APRC campaign manager also used the convergence to sensitise party militants and supporters on how to cast their vote on November 24th.

He urged them to take their time to make sure that they slot their vote into the right ballot box, explaining that the party’s box is green, and will bear the portrait of President Jammeh.

“When you enter the polling centre and do not understand anything, you have the right to consult your party agent for guidance,” he said.

Minister Bajo told the gathering that they should be extra vigilant and be aware that some opposition candidates are dressed like President Jammeh.

He explained the difference in the dressing mode, noting that on the Election Day, the APRC ballot boxes will bear a portrait of President Jammeh holding a sword and a praying bead.

Yankuba Touray, a former minister and APRC national mobiliser, listed the numerous developments registered by the APRC government from 1994 to date.

Touray said apart from the numerous developments registered in 17 years of APRC government, the economic fortunes of the country has also improved significantly.

He used the podium to give his own perspective of democracy, saying “A democracy of not respecting your parents is not the one we need in The Gambia,” he said.

He also told the gathering that the APRC is the only government that can improve the living conditions of Gambians and that everyone should support President Jammeh by electing him for another term to continue the development initiatives he started.

Jatto Sillah, the minister of Forestry and Environment urged the people of Basse to be mindful of the opposition who, according to him, give misleading information.

He stated that the Gambian opposition are just after their selfish interest and that the messages they are spreading as their campaign manifestos are not in the interest of Gambians.

The alkalo of Basse, Alhaji Nasiru Jallow, welcomed the president and his entourage to Basse.  Hameh Minteh Krubally, chief of Fulladu East assured President Jammeh of a 100% victory in the upcoming election.

Julaba Kora, the chief of Tumana District; AJa Mariama Jaw, APRC women regional Mobiliser; and Aja Isatou Sumareh, lady councilor for Tumana, all praised President Jammeh for the numerous developments brought to the people of URR.

They also stated their readiness to vote for President Jammeh on November 24th.

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