Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Special Coverage: 2011 Presidential Election...

Halifa Sallah Exposes the Indebtedness of the Government

(FOROYAA) Halifa Sallah the Secretary General of PDOIS, which together with NRP, GPDP and NADD support the Indpendent presidential candidate Hamat N.K Bah on Wednesday 16th November 2011 vowed to give full support to their presidential candidate.
Halifa Sallah indicated these words at a meeting held at the Dippa Kunda Five Junction attended by a great number of youths who are coming to have their first experience in making a decision in this coming election. 
Addressing the audience who come from different areas and who took their time to come to listen to the words of wisdom by their mentor.

Mr. Sallah first analysed the value of a human being and human life, explaining that is painful to live in this world while living in abject poverty.

He noted that if one does not understand what he/ she is, then you will never know and understand what you actually own. Mr. Sallah explained how the current regime of the APRC destroyed the Gambian economy, noting that Gambians from all corners should be ready to unseat the Government of President Jammeh.
He talked about the accumulated debt amounting to 466 million that was unreasonably consumed by the APRC regime urging everyone to put a stop to this.
Halifa said the APRC Government owes the local Banks 9 Billion dalasi indicating that this must be paid the Gambian Citizens. One of the key figures of the United Front noted that the Coastal Road built by the APRC Regime is all done out of huge debts amounting to 112 million dalasis notwithstanding the National Television GRTS which is also a huge debt. He said the Gambia is described by experts as one of the heavily indebted poor countries whenever analyses are been made.
He said our overall debt amounts to 22,000 million. He also explained how the United Front (UF) will manage the affairs of this country if they are voted in or given the mandate to hold office, noting that people should always know what actually goes in and out of their dear motherland.

Mr. Sallah also dealt with the infamous illegal migration to Europe, experienced by our young youths and the main reasons as to why they embark on such destructive roads. He said the prison condition is a clear manifestation of the height of injustice in this country.
On the issue of employment prospects, Sallah indicated that over 300,000 children graduate from school every twelve years. But he asked rhetorically how we expect all these people to be meaningfully employed as civil servants of this country. He then emphasised that the time has come for the people to know the importance of voting. Mr. Sallah noted that if they are entrusted to oversee the affairs of this country, they will deliver as is expected by the people of this country.

Next to speak was the Veteran Politicians Mr. Henry Gomez who coined the Mandinka slogan “Moobeye ballu”. Henry said it is clearly manifested that the Gambian people are currently living in hell, adding that the responsibility for us to stop this kind of inhuman survival is only to go and vote massively for the United Front. He said it is difficult to survive under the reigns of President Jammeh indicating that a President who claims to know all will never allow people to develop under his reigns.

Mr. Gomez described the fear instilled in the minds of the people of this country as unacceptable. He said if the President can throw biscuits on the streets resulting to death, then whoever should think of voting for that President is supporting such practice.
He said if the President should stand and declare that he is not going campaign but fails to do so, that clearly shows that he is weak. He said all that they need from the citizens of this country is to go out on the 24th of November and cast their votes for the United Front as it the only alliance that is really out to solve the problems of this country.

Other speakers in the line up included Madam Ya Ndumbeh Njie, Mr. Samba Baldeh one of the militant of the United Front, Saikou Nyassi also a member of the Front, Ousman Sillah also a strong militant of the Front, Aunty Amie Sillah one of the big wings and one Yahya Drammeh who spoke on behalf of the youths of Dippa Kunda all expressed similar views. 

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