Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CCG Has No Stated Objective to Overthrow Jammeh


ex-Minister Janneh
Friday, November 18, 2011

(Daily News) Police criminal investigator yesterday revealed that a Gambian pressure group that planned to stage regime change protests against the Jammeh administration has eight objectives.
These, police officer Ousman Topp spelt out include: to repeal laws, give equal access to all political parties, introduce presidential term limit, and stop arbitrary arrests and detentions, among others.
“So is there anything in the stated objectives that shows CCG [Coalition for Change, The Gambia] wants to overthrow Gambia government” defense lawyer Lamin Camara quizzed the state witness, but he responded in the negative.
The police investigator was testifying against four treason suspects, including a former Gambian Information minister.
Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh is charged with three others for treason, conspiracy and sedition at Banjul Magistrates’ Court. The other accused persons are Michel C. Ucheh Thomas, Modou Keita and Ebrima Jallow.
They are accused of printing and distributing T-Shirts bearing ‘Coalition for Change The Gambia, End Dictatorship Now’ with intent to effect unlawful change of government in The Gambia.
Meanwhile, during Wednesday proceedings, Mr Topp affirmed that there was no violent demonstration in The Gambia to overthrow president Yahya Jammeh’s government.
Ousman Topp, who had said the alleged Coalition for Change The Gambia (CCGTG) planned ‘regime change protests’ in The Gambia was set to coincide with president Jammeh’s birthday, confirmed that it never happened.
“There was no violent demonstration to overthrow The Gambia government,” Mr. Topp, first class constable told the Special Criminal Court in Banjul Wednesday.
Mr Topp said, he found the T-Shirts that were suppose to be worn during the demonstration very offensive.
“It is very offensive because The Gambia refers to the government and end dictatorship refers to the president” he said.
Even though Mr Topp agreed that there is no name in CCG Gmail account to verify who sent the messages, he insisted in court that it was done by Dr Janneh.
“Why is it the 1st accused since they all have the same user name and password,” the Judge, Emmeneal Nkea intervened but the witness insisted it was Dr Janneh.
He said Dr Janneh gave him his personal email account during investigations but could not show it to the court when counsel Camara demanded him to do so.
“Was his (Dr Janneh) name in the messages you printed out,” Camara quizzed but the witness replied in the negative
“Then how can you say it was sent by the 1st accused person,” the judge further inquired. “The user name CCGTH411@gmail.com,” the witness responded.
Mr Topp said the printout did not indicate that Dr Janneh sent the messages. He denied lawyer Camara’s suggestion that the printed emails were fed into the computer by The Gambia Police Force.
He however said findings have shown that Dr Janneh has planned to end president Jammeh’s regime.

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