Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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The Gambia poll: Peaceful, but more reforms needed, say Commonwealth team

28 November 2011

A Commonwealth expert team which observed the 24 November 2011 elections in The Gambia has said that although the poll was conducted in a peaceful manner, more democratic reforms are needed to strengthen governance in the country.
The Chair of the team, former Nigerian foreign minister, Professor A. Bolaji Akinyemi, said in an Interim Statement on 28 November that: We commend political parties and the people of The Gambia for the peaceful manner in which the campaigns were generally held. We also commend the role of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for regulating the campaign under the Code on Election Campaign Ethics Order (made under section 92(1) of the Elections Act), and ensuring airtime on state media for all parties."
He however added that a short campaign period and advantage of incumbency as well as use of public resources by the government made the play ground unlevelled.
For the full statement on The Gambia election, click here.

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