Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sii Paah Bii - Paapa Lengthy
On May 21, 2011, a cohort of Gambian artists and a large number of music lovers descended on Ndongo Lo Lane, in Latrikunda German to mark Paapa Lengthy’s Birthday.
The artist, who is popularly known as “Jaisiit Bii – Sii Paah Bii” (the crocodile - in the hole) has made it a tradition to organise music shows on his birthdays, since 2009.
The show was attended by music lovers and fans coming from all over the Greater Banjul Area and the West Coast Region. “It was hard organising the show, however, the turn out was incredible, people came from all over and most of them neither know me, nor they’ve seen me before,” the 26 year-old singer said in appreciation.
Paapa Lengthy Fans Club
Expressing gratitude to the fans especially his “Fans Club” and as well all other artists who came to rejoice with him, Lengthy said: “Am grateful to all those who have in one way or the other contributed to the success of the programme.”
Yet to release an album, not even on a video, however, Paapa Lengthy (Aboubacarr Sadiqh Ceesay) has been making strides in Hip-Hop and R‘N’B, gaining much popularity inline with modern day music.
The Singer, who was introduced to the Choir as a “Baritone Singer” during his High School, has recorded a few singles among them “Jam Jam”, “Talalala”, and “Giv it 2 me”. A “mix-tape” produced by “Shy Boy Entertainment”, a local recording studio in Gambia will soon due for launch.
On Saturday, artists like Tam50, T. Smallz (of the BK City); Ala Bai Soldier; E. Nyassi; Nas; Rhythm Killa; Big Justice; P-Mo, MC Batis and Poetic X among others were on offer to perform in what has been described as the most successful and entertaining musical event hosted by the artist.
The later, Poetic X has its maiden album “Yon Beh Gudone” (the long road) due for launch on June 3, 2011. It consists of 15 tracks mainly made of rap, hip-hop and feet tapping tunes.
The night also was characterized by amazing performances, among them a graduate of the posse “Sii-Paah Bii” (Lengthy’s trademark), MC Batis featuring ST on the new single, “Set-Setal”.
The single, a production by “The Block Entertainment” is meant to complement the country’s cleansing exercises and as well enlighten the masses on the health benefits associated with cleanliness.
MC Batis is due to perform on May 27, 2011 at the “Tallinding Jump Off”, a music show presented by The Block Entertainment and Hamaleh G at Semega Janneh Hall in Tallinding.      

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