Friday, May 13, 2011

Italy Financing ‘Water and Rights’ in Senegal

ROME, Italy, May 3, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — "Drinkable water and sanitation for the rural community of Niamone” and “Women, fish-processing and rights in Senegal” are two new projects in Senegal promoted by the NGOs Ocra and Cospe and financed by the Italian Cooperation.
The Acra project aims to contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable development in the nature region of Casamance and strengthening the role of women by increasing their participation in the management of natural resources, as well as lowering infant mortality.
Efforts will aim to supply drinkable water (according to WHO regulations) and sanitation services (according to UNICEF standards) to the 8,476 residents of the 11 villages that make up the rural community of Niamone.
Cospe activities intend to improve the socio-economic conditions of women working in the fish-processing sector in the region of Fatick, through the creation of infrastructure, supply of equipment and improvements at technical, organisational, policy and management levels. A total of 928 women will also be the recipients of an awareness raising and informative programme on topics such as family planning, reproductive health, AIDS and malaria. Source - Italy Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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