Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Commissioner Piebalgs to visits Guinea to discuss next steps with President Condé

The European Union (EU) Commissioner Piebalgs, in charge of Development, will visit Guinea Conakry on May 6, 2011 following the Presidential elections that took place on 7 November 2010.
The event marked an essential stepping stone towards democratisation. Commissioner Piebalgs will ensure the new President, Alpha Condé, of EU readiness to accompany Guinea during this final phase of transition towards democracy and the rule of law.
The EU also stands ready to accelerate its support to the new authorities in their ambitious reform programme and to face the many challenges ahead notably achieving stability, national reconciliation and economic growth.
The Commissioner will also inaugurate the Forecariah Bridge, situated near the border with Sierra Leone. It is a key EU-funded infrastructure in the regional axe connecting Conakry to Freetown that will enable increased circulation and trade between the two countries. Source - European Commission

The ASF: “a tool for peace and integration of the continent”
April 29, 2011: It should be noted that, the third Roadmap for the operationalization of the ASF has been developed from lessons learned (LL) from Amani Africa and acquired from previous documents.
It is aimed at identifying actions to finalize the operationalization of the African Standby Force (ASF), with a focus on priorities, namely, the Rapid deployment capability (RDC), humanitarian, maritime safety and protection of civilians.
The establishment of the ASF is provided by the Protocol establishing the Council of Peace and Security of the African Union (AU).
It aims to facilitate the deployment of Peace Support Operations by the AU peace within its overall efforts to promote peace, security and stability in Africa. Source - African Union Commission (AUC)

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