Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eric Gerets hopes Gambia never qualify

Morocco coach Eric Gerets speaking to journalists/photo:MSJoof
He was not expected to say yes, when asked if he thinks Gambia can qualify to the Brazil 2014 FIFA world cup. He responded befittingly with “I hope not.” 

Morocco coach Garets who led his side to a woeful campaign in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, told journalists on Saturday that he traveled to Gambia to win.

 “We wanted to win and The Gambia wanted to win also. You could see both teams wanted to win and it was a spectacular game until the end,” said at a post match press conference. “Playing against Gambia at home is always difficult. There are no more little teams in Africa so it’s always difficult.” 

They (Gambia) are used to playing to these conditions and they have a huge striker [Momodou Ceesay] who is good at keeping hold of the ball. So it’s difficult we wanted to have three points.”

 I think we saw a crazy game. In the first 15 or 18 minutes I think we had the game in our hands. We could have had a penalty but unfortunately the referee didn’t see it, the former Olympic Marseille coach said. 

He added: “Gambia scored the first chance they had and that give them a lot of energy.”  

Garets said both sides could have carried the day. “We could have won the game or lost it because Gambia had chances and we also had chances but I think at the end it’s a good result for both teams.”

By Modou S. Joof

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