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5 YEARS ON: Lengthy’s Birthday Bash Growing Bigger

Paapa Lengthy - “Jaisiit Bii – Sii Paah Bii” (the crocodile - in the hole)

Paapa Lengthy’s Birthday Bash turned five on May 26, 2012. 

The Birthday Bash, a musical night with live performances to mark singer Paapa Lengthy’s birthday is the biggest annual gathering of music lovers and artists in Latrikunda German.

The show is growing big every year, and attracted 100s of fans who gathered at the Manjai Junction singing and dancing to almost every song sang on the night.

Organised by Paapa Lenghty and his posse “Sii Paah Bii” (In the hole) in collaboration with more than 25 artists and music groups, they embarked on a promotional sale of CDs of home-made music from 10am to 6pm. 

Lengthy in scarf flanked by siipaahbii pose
“From West Field to Bakoteh (BK City) it was mad fun. The whole idea was to sell and distribute Gambian music albums in the Greater Banjul Area,” said Paapa Lengthy, 27, whose real name is Aboubacarr Sadiqh Ceesay.

However, more fun more sound and more-more was to follow the reddish-yellow sun as it sets to the east on Ndongo Lo Lane, Langthy’s residence on Kotu Silo, Latrikunda German, situated a stone throw from the Manjai Junction where the live show was staged.

By 10pm local time, music maniacs and fans from all over the Greater Banjul Area and the West Coast Region heavily poured on an open concert to have the best of entertainment they could get that night.

Artists like Tam50, T. Smallz (of the BK City); HeartBreaker, Big Sey, New Era,  Ala Bai Soldier; Manding Morry, Nas; and MC Batis among many others were on offer to perform in what has been described as the most successful and entertaining annually-organised musical event in the area. 

Arguably, Lengthy’s combination with Tam50 on the single “Tell Dem Fi Kno” was one of the best performances in the night. The two artists in a “rebellious” attempt tried to address the exploitation of Gambian artists.

On a night when both fans and artists were equally great, Paapa Lengthy rejoices in his 27th year on earth. “Only God can pay you, so keep supporting,” he said of the fans while commending his contemporaries (artists) who joined forces to hold for the first time a musical night of that magnitude. 

Music fans at the Lengthy-organised May 26 open air concert

“Am grateful to all those who have in one way or the other contributed to the success of the programme,” he said.

Lengthy continues to make strides in Hip-Hop and R‘N’B, gaining much popularity in line with modern day music. 

The Singer, who is known as “Jaisiit Bii – Sii Paah Bii” (the crocodile - in the hole), was introduced to the Choir as a “Baritone Singer” during his High School. He recorded singles like “Jam Jam”, “Talalala”, and “Giv it 2 me”

A “mix-tape” produced by “Shy Boy Entertainment”, a local recording studio in Gambia is still due for launch. “Madness mix-tape coming out soon, with 22 tracks plus 2 bonuses,” said Lengthy, answering what fans should be expecting from him. “It is bad,” he added.

“It is not like Lengthy is the best or the biggest artist in the country, but he’s been focused and steadfast in his music,” said music journalist Modou Joof. “He’s been able to draw large crowds, play good music and he has a great future if he can maintain the status quo.”  

This night has always been great since 2007, said Ebrima Jah (A.K.A.) Santana. 

“Lengthy has really brought not only his music to us but that of other artists in the country, the Ndongo Lo Lane resident added. “He is doing great in “bashment” and I wish he could go higher.”   

Written by Modou S. Joof

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