Monday, November 22, 2010

More details on how journalist Darboe met his untimely death

GPA blamed for negligence
Late Lamin A Darboe Details emerging regarding the death of Foroyaa Newspaper reporter, Lamin Darboe, point a blaming finger to the Gambia Ports Authority. Sources who spoke to JollofNews accused the authorities at the Barra Ferry Terminal of negligence following Mr Darboes’ plunging into the river.
While parked at the Ferry Terminal in Barra, awaiting the departure of the Ferry, a ferry official asked Darboe to park his vehicle properly. Somehow he lost control and plunged into the river as he tried to negotiate his position on Ferry.
According to this source, every eye witness of the incident blame the Gambia Ports Authority officials for Darboes’ death for preventing voluntary rescuers who attempted to help the drowning man from doing so. The source alleged that the ferry officials ignored the fact that Darboe was struggling to save his life and told the volunteer rescuers to wait for the official rescuers from the Fire and Ambulance Services.
Effort to corroborate this with the GPA was futile.
Meanwhile, the body of the drowned sport journalist was recovered today.
"Darboe’s body was recovered from the sea today Sunday 21 November 2010 and taken to RVTH in Banjul for postmortem, but we may get the result tomorrow. And tomorrow might be the burial," a close friend of the deceased told JollofNews.

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